Russian Helicopters has unveiled a training version of Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, dubbed Mi-28UB, which made its first demo flight at the Rostvertol flight test center in Rostov-on-Don Aug. 9.

At the end of August, the Mi-28UB (Uchebno-Boevoy, Training and Combat) will be displayed at MAKS 2013 air show in Zhukovsky, near Moscow.

Mi-28UB was developed under the requirements of Russia’s Defense Ministry and is designed for training pilots to operate the Mi-28N Night Hunter, the company says. The new variant features dual hydromechanical flight controls that enables the rotorcraft to be operated from tandem cockpits. In the original model the gunner had no controls in the lower cockpit.

Other improvements include a more spacious lower cockpit that will house a flight instructor, a wider pilot canopy and new energy-absorbing crew seats. At the same time, the Mi-28UB can perform all the tasks of an attack helo, according to the manufacturer.

The Mi-28N was inducted into service as the main attack helicopter of the Russian army 2009. So far the military has reportedly received orders for about a hundred helos of this type that should gradually replace aging Mi-24s. The first Mi-28N squadron became operational in 2010.