New guided weapon systems for air defense, airborne attack and surface-to-surface use have been unveiled at the China Airshow in Zhuhai this week.

An operational Xian JH-7 attack fighter was shown carrying the Norinco GB-6 500 kg class gliding dispenser weapon. It has GPS/inertial guidance and is designed to deliver either runway-destroying submunitions or fuel-air explosive bomblets. It was also displayed alongside a Pakistan Air Force Chengdu FC-17. A similar weapon, identified as CS/BBC5, is a 500 kg unitary glide bomb and was displayed next to an H-6M bomber: the external design is similar to the GB-6 except there are six rather than four tail surfaces.

Norinco also showed the Sky Dragon 12 short range air defense system for the first time. The command-to-line-of-sight weapon resembles Russia’s KBM Panstsyr, firing two-stage booster-and-dart missiles and mounted on a single vehicle with search and guidance radars. There is also an electro-optical backup guidance system. The system carries 12 ready missiles and has a range up to 12 km and a maximum altitude of 5 km. One difference from Pantsyr is that it is missile-only, and designed to be integrated with separate gun systems. Another Norinco air defense system, the LD-2000 land-mobile, 7-barrel 30-mm Gatling gun, appeared at the show in the People’s Liberation Army exhibit area, confirming that it is operational. The PLA uses it in combination with the HQ-6 missile system.

New from Casic is the B611MR semi-ballistic surface-launched anti-radar missile. With a very similar body to the M20 tactical ballistic missile, the B611MR uses GPS-inertial guidance combined with a wideband passive radar homing head, and is capable of flying on a flattened trajectory and performing pre-programmed maneuvers to reduce the chance of interception.