Western Tanker Aircraft In-Service Fleets By Family: 2019-2029

Aviation Week Network estimates that at the start of 2020, there were 871 Western-designed aircraft performing air-refueling missions. A total of 442 deliveries and 175 retirements are forecasted over the next 10 years, growing the global fleet to 1,117 by the end of 2029, for a compound annual growth rate of 2.52%. This figure includes both jet-powered tankers like the Boeing KC-46 and aircraft like the Airbus A400M, which can refuel helicopters and slow-flying aircraft. It does not include fighters capable of buddy tanking.

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In 2020 the global tanker market is dominated by two types, the Boeing KC-135 and the Lockheed Martin KC-130. Together, these two types represented 71.9% of all western tanker aircraft. The 416 KC-135s made up 47.8% of the global tanker fleet. Despite the impending retirement of 53 of these aircraft in the next decade, it will remain the world's most common tanker through 2029, with a still-dominant 32.5% of the global fleet. In second place with just under one fourth of the global fleet are the KC-130 variants of Lockheed Martin's ubiquitous C-130 transport. While the number of these aircraft will increase by 2029, their relative share of the tanker market will decline to 20.2% as the overall market grows. Over the next decade, Boeing's 767 based KC-46 (and KC-767) will overtake the Airbus A400M for third place as twice as many KC-46s will be delivered than will be A400Ms.


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Where is the KC-46 in the second chart? Hiding under the 767 pie-wedge?