Staying in compliance with regulations is essential for any MRO or airline, and compliance begins by ensuring that the latest regulations are incorporated in the manuals and other documents used by everyone, from engineers in offices to mechanics in hangars and on ramps. Considering the rapidity of regulatory change and the complexity of many MRO organizations, updating documents the old fashioned way, with in-house processes and using Microsoft Word software, may no longer be good enough.


Tobias Nilsson, a sales exec with Sweden’s Web Manuals, says there is a better way. His software, which he likens to “a web-based Word,” offers tools for simple editing and full control of distribution, so updaters can concentrate on content, collaborate in real time and get live links with the latest FAA or EASA regulations.

Web Manuals provides an automatic compliance check list and automatically distributes the newly edited documents in HTML format to Apple- or Windows-based personal PCs, tablets or personal devices or via a web portal.

The software has several major benefits. User-friendly editing saves 80% of editing work and requires just one day of training for document editors to use. Web Manuals thus meets the challenges of editing in a fast-changing regulatory environment, especially with the EU expected to come out with major changes in the near future. Web Manuals even monitors regulatory changes for its clients and notifies them of relevant changes. Editors see cross references to the related sections of their documents. And the software enforces a “two pairs of eyes” review policy so that all changes are correct.

Web Manuals also executes tight control of distribution to the many locations that must be brought up to date on changes. Everyone is informed about changes, and there are verification checks to ensure the latest changes have been received. Editors can even quiz readers to validate understanding.

Easier, faster updating, with controls to confirm updates are done right. This is a good way to start keeping regulators satisfied that their rules are being followed constantly. Nearly 200 customers in 40 nations have chosen Web Manuals to update their MRO docs since 2008, and the software is now itself updated twice a year. Nilsson reports a 99% customer satisfaction rate.