Honeywell has been selected by Pilatus to supply the avionics suite for the PC-24 twinjet. A combination of components from Primus Epic and Primus Apex – already proven on the PC-12 NG – will provide the core functionality, safety and display content for the Pilatus Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) that has been designed specifically for the new jet.

Pilatus ACE features include the SmartView Synthetic Vision System, Honeywell’s Integrated Navigation System, TCAS II, Wi-Fi capability, wide area augmentation system-localizer performance with vertical guidance, protected mode-controller pilot data link communication, and required navigation performance authorization 0.3 capability.

“For our first twinjet, we wanted to make sure that the PC-24 had the latest avionics and technology to provide pilots with the safest flying experience possible,” says Pilatus Chairman Oscar J. Schwenk. “Through our work with Honeywell on the PC-12 NG, we know that its integrated flight deck products provide pilots with safety enhancements and technology that greatly increase operational efficiency and the overall flight experience. Therefore, we decided to jointly develop the unique and customized Pilatus ACE, focusing on the individual needs and requirements of the future PC-24 operator.”