Aviation Week Forecast Projects $1 Trillion In Aftermarket Spend

Aviation Week Network releases comprehensive projections covering commercial aviation, military, business aviation and helicopter sectors, revealing trends & business opportunities.

Aviation Week Network’s recently released 2018 Fleet & MRO forecasts, prepared by in-house data and analytical experts, offer insights into the commercial aviation, military, business aviation and helicopter markets across the world. 

Among the findings within the 2018 Fleet & MRO Forecasts:

  • Strong growth continues for Western-built commercial aircraft.  Fleet growth will increase at a 3.1% rate over the coming decade with the Asia-Pacific region leading growth by both volume and value of deliveries, while North America’s fleet strength will continue to surpass both the Asia Pacific and Western Europe regions by 2027. 
  • Commercial 10-year aircraft MRO will, for the first time, exceed $1 trillion in requirements over the upcoming decade, with Boeing and Airbus manufactured aircraft responsible for nearly 90% of this demand.
  • Business aviation’s fleet will see muted growth at only 1.5% fleet growth on deliveries of over 11,000 jet and turboprop aircraft over the decade.  North America will continue to dominate the world’s fleet strength; Textron Aviation should dominate unit deliveries at 27% over the decade.
  • The worldwide western-produced helicopter deliveries of $45 billion will produce sluggish fleet growth to nearly 30,650 turbine aircraft by 2027, but with a 10-year MRO requirement of $81 billion predominantly in North America and Western Europe. 
  • During the forecast period, the actual number of aircraft will grow at 0.4% annually, from 41,306 aircraft to 42,804, while during the same 10-year time frame, the demand for military MRO goods and services is expected to be $816.7 billion.

Aviation Week’s 2018 Fleet & MRO Forecasts assist industry professionals in discovering new business opportunities for OEMs, Suppliers, MRO and other service providers by aircraft type, engine family, other major components, and more.  The forecasts also offer insight into fleet makeup and distribution by country, region and operator as it stands today, as well as in the future.

Based on unbiased data and predictive intelligence gathered by Aviation Week Network’s data and analytical team, the forecasts can be accessed by Aviation Week Intelligence Network subscribers. Go to  http://aviationweek.com/store to purchase the reports.

New features of the 2018 Fleet & MRO Forecasts include the addition of:

  • Multi-Mission details of military aircraft within the online interface, allowing for enhanced specifics and analysis within all filter and sort functions;
  • Delivery and retirement type details, providing a more granular view into Commercial retirements and deliveries;
  • Operator and owner country filter options within the Business Aviation forecast; and
  • Filterable SAR/Hoist indicator field in the Helicopter forecast.
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