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Subscribe to the aviation, aerospace, and defense industry’s most trusted publications and data intelligence products. Aviation Week’s extensive portfolio offers solutions and insights to professionals needing news, technology updates and crucial business intelligence. Select from the subscription options below or contact us directly for more information on group subscriptions and/or bundled discounts.
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Aviation Week Intelligence Network - Business AviationAviation Week Intelligence Network - Business Aviation
Among the data and intelligence contained within AWIN Business Aviation: ■ Details on over 30,000 turbine-powered aircraft and their engines for more than 17,000 operators ■ Program profiles for the top global airframe and engine programs ■ The latest details on enhancements and enlargements to global FBOs and service providers
Aviation DailyAviation Daily
Critical insight for executives focusing on commercial aviation. Receive airline and airport strategy, data snapshots of key airlines, fares data, and international coverage daily.
Aerospace Daily & Defense ReportAerospace Daily & Defense Report
The daily market briefing that aerospace and defense leaders rely on. Receive the latest, critical intelligence on programs, budgets and policies in defense, as well as military and civil space.
The Weekly of Business AviationThe Weekly of Business Aviation
Covering the business of business aviation, The Weekly of Business Aviation provides fleet information, delivery and activity reports, market data and forecasts and Q&As with industry leaders.
Aviation Week Intelligence Network - PremiumAviation Week Intelligence Network - Premium
Among the data and intelligence contained within AWIN Premium: ■ Contact information for 25,000 industry personnel at more than 125,000 global organizations (including OEMs, Operators, Airports) and global governments ■ A database of over 10,000 suppliers of 150,000+ products and services ■ Access to all program profiles within the product
Airportdata.aero Airportdata.com Annual Subscription
Airportdata.com is a comprehensive pre-flight planning service that provides essential information to the air transport industry and is updated daily by a team of subject experts. The service details all the major commercial airports worldwide, listing contact details and technical data, and also supplies information on the full range of airport service providers, including ground handling agents.
Rely on SpeedNews for its concise, quick-read format to learn key developments in commercial and business aviation.
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