Delays in certification of the Learjet 70/75 business jet meant Bombardier delivered fewer aircraft than planned in 2013. Net orders for business and commercial aircraft also were down significantly from 2012.

Total deliveries of 238 aircraft were up slightly from 233 in 2012, but at 388 aircraft the total orders net of cancellations were down substantially from 481 a year earlier.

The Canadian manufacturer delivered 180 business jets, one more than in 2012, but 10 fewer than forecast because of delayed certification of the upgraded Learjet 70/75, which replaced the super-light 40XR/45XR in production. Net orders for business jets slid to 305 from 343 in 2012.

The company delivered 55 CRJs and Q400s, up from 50 in 2012 and meeting its target, but net orders for commercial aircraft, including the CSeries, dropped to 81 from 138 a year earlier. The company also sold a single Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft.

Rival manufacturer Embraer, meanwhile, met its delivery targets for 2013, handing over 119 business jets and 90 commercial aircraft. Both lag far behind Boing and Airbus, which delivered 648 and 626 commercial aircraft in 2013, respectively.

Bombardier Aerospace President and CEO Guy Hachey blames a “persistently sluggish” global economy for the drop in orders. “With its recovery taking longer than originally anticipated, 2013 continued to be a challenging year for aviation,” he says in a statement.