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Graham Warwick

Technology Managing Editor, Aviation Week & Space Technology

Posts by Graham Warwick

in Ares Jan 03, 2018

Why Does Boeing's MQ-25 Prototype Look So Stealthy?

Before the U.S. Navy sought a Carrier-Based Aerial Refueling Tanker, the service wanted a hard-to-spot maritime UAV....More
in Ares May 06, 2014

VIDEO: Advanced Tactics' VTOL Transformer in Flight

Advances Tactics releases video of the first hover flights of its Black Knight Transformer VTOL roadable aircraft....More
in Things With Wings Apr 24, 2014

VIDEO: A UAV Too Close For Comfort

Transport Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are working to identify the operator of a UAV that flew close to an aircraft approaching....More
in Ares Apr 24, 2014

How to Make a Fixed-Wing UAV Fly Vertically

Long term, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) is probably the way to go for unmanned aircraft....More
in Ares Apr 18, 2014

VIDEOS - Autonomous Helicopters in Action

Autonomy for umanned (and manned) rotorcraft has taken a big step forward with recent demonstrations....More
in Things With Wings Apr 04, 2014

PODCAST: Connecting the Aircraft, Connecting the World

In this week's Check 6 podcast, Aviation Week editors discusss what connectivity means for aircraft and what aircraft can do for connectivity....More
in Things With Wings Feb 27, 2014

Designer Airliners - Ice Road Flying

It is appropriate, perhaps, for the grandson of the inventor of the snowmobile to turn his hand to designing an aircraft specifically for operations....More
in Ares Feb 26, 2014

Goodbye Transformer, Hello Transformer (with Video)

Fear not, flying-jeep adherents, DARPA may have blinked and turned its Transformer fly/drive vehicle into the Ares modular VTOL unmanned delivery....More
in Things With Wings Feb 20, 2014

Lufthansa's A320 VGs - look close...er, closer

Lufthansa has taken delivery of the first Airbus A320 fitted with noise-reducing vortex generators (VGs). All its new A320-family aircraft will have....More
in Things With Wings Feb 19, 2014

Repair Station Questions?

Given that the TSA foreign repair station final rule is finally out, it's really great that we were finally able to schedule Peggy Gilligan, FAA's....More
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