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John Glenn's 1962 Mercury Pilot Report For Aviation Week

In 1962, John Glenn wrote a detailed pilot report for Aviation Week after his historic and harrowing flight in Mercury’s Friendship 7....More

Lessons From Space Shuttle Columbia (1981)

The space shuttle was a magnificent machine, the most capable spaceship ever built. It was also a fragile monster that required an expensive standing....More

Gemini 8: First Docking, First Space Emergency (1966)

Like most missions with the two-seat Gemini capsules, Gemini 8 started out to be a first. As it turned out, there were two firsts in the mission....More
in On Space Jun 16, 2014

Photos: Soviet Shuttle Dreams To Dust

The flightworthy Buran was destroyed on May 12, 2002, when a roof at Baikonur’s Site 112 collapsed, apparently from a combination of poor maintenance....More
in On Space Apr 01, 2014

Starting Point

Reaction has been less than enthusiastic to NASA's plan to catch a small asteroid....More
in On Space Mar 28, 2014

NASA Operates in the Shadow of Columbia

There is a ghost in the room – actually seven of them....More
in On Space Nov 01, 2013

First Flight

Sierra Nevada Corp. released this video of the one-minute drop test of its Dream Chaser prototype over Edwards Air Force Base, which clearly shows....More
in On Space Sep 26, 2013

Visit Vesta

Here's something you don't see very day - never before, in fact....More
in On Space Sep 19, 2013

Forgetting 'the First A in NASA'

Brazilian hackers upset over leaked reports that the U.S. National Security Agency spied on President Dilma Roussef and the state-run oil company....More

Neil Armstrong's Finest Moment (2009)

Forty years after landing on the Moon, Neil Armstrong explains why the Apollo program successes were not miraculous....More
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