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Brian Bostick

Senior Analyst, Fleet Data, Aviation Week

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in Things With Wings Jul 09, 2014

Airbus cancellations hit a record, but no surprises...yet

Airbus' June 2014 orders and deliveries report reveals that a total of 225 aircraft have been cancelled in 2014 so far, already breaking a....More
in Things With Wings Jul 02, 2014

Elvis' CV-880 and Jetstar face uncertain future

Elvis Presley's former personal aircraft, a Convair CV-880 and a Lockheed Jetstar 6, faces an uncertain future according to the article Graceland....More
in Things With Wings Jun 09, 2014

Still no A320F despite numerous retirements

While the A320 family is arguably one of the most popular commercial jets ever produced, none have been converted to a freighter since its first....More
in Things With Wings May 30, 2014

Engine fan diameters creeping past fuselage widths

According to this article, the GE GE9X's fan diameter is expected to grow beyond an astounding 11 feet:....More
in Things With Wings Apr 28, 2014

PHOTO: FedEx sees 20 years of Airbus operations

FedEx took delivery of its first Airbus, an A300-600R, 20 years ago today....More
in Things With Wings Apr 24, 2014

Europe says goodbye to the pax A300

Monarch Airlines was the last European operator of the A300 in a passenger configuration....More
in Things With Wings Apr 09, 2014

Lufthansa Cityline's retired CRJ700s dot the Arkansas countryside

Another former Lufthansa Cityline CRJ700 is shown below awaiting part-out....More
in Things With Wings Apr 07, 2014

A350-800 backlog shrinks to 34 units

The A350-800 backlog shrinks to just 34 aircraft after Aircraft Purchase Flee cancelled 12....More
in Things With Wings Apr 01, 2014

A Five-year-old 777-200LR Sees Early Retirement

A 777-200LR, built in 2009, has been retired by Air India according to photos....More
in Things With Wings Mar 24, 2014

Airframe Details For Malaysia Airlines MH370

The missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft was a 777-2H6ER with tail number 9M-MRO and serial number 28420. According to Aviation Week Intelligence....More
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