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In Pictures: US Army Conducts Major Military Exercise Over Washington, D.C.


Dozens of helicopters flew over Washington D.C. on Wednesday as part of a US Army major military exercise.

Onlookers were treated to a spectacular formation of Blackhawk helicopters, punctuated with regular USAF UH-1N flybys, and the occasional HMX-1 presidential aircraft out of Quantico, Virginia.

Here are some photo highlights of the military exercise, captured from the Aviation Week offices:

A 1982 vintage Army VIP UH-60A Blackhawk heads west down the Potomac.

A formation of 3 Blackhawks heads west in the morning towards Virginia.

A USAF UH-1N Twin Huey based at Andrews AFB heads East, appears to skim the Georgetown rooftops (but really over the river)

Another UH-1N passes Georgetown University.

An Army Blackhawk passes by the Key Bridge Marriott, apparently lower than the upper floors.

Another Army UH-60 heads West by Georgetown.

An Army UH-60 heads west with the Washington cathedral in the background.

More Blackhawks over Georgetown.

A pair of UH-60s head west to Virginia. Many of these formations performed repeated missions and the same aircraft passed by several times during the day.

A Blackhawk passes by in unusually blue skies - hazy conditions have been the norm of late.

A Fairfax Police Bell 429 heads into the city.

An MV-22 (Presidential) Osprey from HMX-1 passes over the Key Bridge, heading downtown.

A USAF UH-1N is almost lost amongst the urban camouflage of Georgetown.

Another Twin Huey flies low against the Cathedral backdrop.

A VH-60N Nighthawk (Presidential version of the UH-60) from HMX-1 passes over the Key Bridge westbound....

...before passing an Army variant heading the other way.

More Blackhawk traffic continued throughout the afternoon....

And finally an Air Force UH-1N passes Georgetown University, appearing to sit on the rooftop.

All photos: Nigel Howarth, Aviation Week.

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