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Jumping On The (Jet)Blue Bandwagon


The word "blue" seems to be a trendy word these days to include in your airline's name. French Blue, for example, is a new long haul-haul low-cost operator and will be receiving its first A330 this year according to a recent Airbus press release.

Blue is a relatively easy color choice when it comes to including it in your airline's name. It suggests the sky among other things marketing departments like while some other colors such as black and red...don't. Has the word blue always been used in airline names or did JetBlue simply popularize it after its U.S. launch in the late 1990s? I dug through Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Fleet Database to find out.

Below are two charts showing the number of operators using the word blue in their name. The first chart includes all operators while the second chart is restricted to just scheduled operators. These charts are based on when operators actually had aircraft in their possession and not when they only existed as an entity (such as French Blue today). For reference, JetBlue acquired their first aircraft in late 1999.

So while blue could be found among smaller operators here or there before JetBlue Airways, their success has no doubt popularized its use.

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