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F-35A Price Evolution


With the Pentagon having reset the cost base-year for the F-35 from 2002 to 2012, prices will now become somewhat harder to compare to the original estimate.

However, the Dutch ministry of defense has released to its legislature a report that will help, somewhat, in keeping track of the price evolution in the period before the new baseline was established.

Under the new baseline, the average unit price for an F-35A is $78.7 million in 2012 dollars, versus $64.4 million in 2002 prices.

(Note: figures reflect prices in 2002; '04; '06; '08; '10; '10; '11)

The Dutch ministry warns, though, that rebaselining the pre-2011 figures to 2012 prices is not a linear equation and that more work will need to be done for a proper comparison.

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