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Without the extra service and empathy that makes the difference between a good operation and a prideful one, you may wake up one morning on the outside looking in, hoisted by your own petard” – J. Sheldon “Torch” Lewis, Greenhouse Patter

Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) may be detectable with laser beams according to Maj. Gen. Joseph D. Caldara, retired Air Force officer and president of Flight Safety Foundation. Caldara said the industry studies had indicated that lasers could be used to detect CAT up to 20-30 mi. 


A provisional airworthiness certificate has been issued to Lear Jet making it the first American business jet aircraft to receive such an award under Part II of CAR. Two Lear Jets are flying now — one has logged some 140 hr. and the second over 20 hr. Rexall Drugs will get the first production model (Lear Jet number two). 

Lake Central’s DC-3 replacement, the Nord N262, measures 72 ft. in span, 63 ft. in length and has a max gross of 22,700 lb. Designed specifically for the short-haul feeder operator, the aircraft has carry-on baggage racks and cargo space for 1,000-lb. loads in addition to 27 passengers seats.

The first of the HFB 320 Hansa executive turbojets on April 22 heralded not only a new entry in the corporate jet sweepstakes, but the return of West Germany to world aviation markets. Its forward swept wing has aroused considerable comment, much of it simply the question: “Why?”

Civil antitrust complaints filed by the Federal government against Beech and Piper do not seek damages from either company but rather that both cease alleged practices of fixing prices and sales territories among dealers and distributors. Complaints maintain that practices stifle competition and restrain trade.

New York Airways has received the first of three Sikorsky S-61N helicopters for sightseeing rides at the New York World’s Fair. Tours at $6.50 per adult and $3.50 per child, will introduce thousands to helicopter travel.

(Extracted from the May 2014 issue of Business & Commercial Aviation magazine)

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