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Airlines With Back-To-Back Airframe Losses


Losing two airliners of the same type (Boeing 777s) by the same airline (Malaysia Airlines) in the span of just four months immediately conjures up a sense of 'lightning striking twice.'  Out of curiosity, we wondered if this was the first time an airline had suffered two or more losses of the same type of commercial jetliner within a short timeframe. Surprisingly, it's not. 

An analysis into Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Fleet database revealed several more instances. Most seem to have taken place during the early days of commercial jet aviation, likely when safety standards weren't quite what they are today. The Malaysia Airlines loss appear to be the first of its kind in 30 years.


1952-54: BOAC (Comet 1s on 10/26/52, 5/2/53, 7/25/53, 1/10/54 and 4/8/54)

1962: Air France (707-300s on 6/3/62 and 6/22/62)

1965: United Air Lines (727-100s on 8/16/65 and 11/11/65)

1966: Aeronaves de Mexico (DC-8-50s on 8/13/66 and 12/24/66)

1968: Pan Am (707-300s on 6/12/68, 12/12/68 and 12/26/68)

1969: Mexicana (727-100s on 6/4/69 and 9/21/69)

1970: United Arab Airlines (Comet 4Cs on 1/14/70 and 2/9/70)

1972: Japan Airlines (DC-8s on 6/14/72 and 9/24/72)

1973: Varig (707-300s on 6/9/73 and 7/11/73)

1973/74: Aviaco (Caravelle 10Rs on 3/5/73 and 8/13/73)

Pan Am (707-300s on 7/22/73, 11/3/73, 1/30/74 and 4/22/74)

Varig (707-300s on 6/9/73 and 7/11/73)

1977: Japan Airlines (DC-8-60s on 1/13/77 and 9/27/77)

1979: Garuda (F28-1000s on 3/6/79 and 7/11/79)

1981: Aeromexico (DC-9-30s on 7/27/81 and 11/8/81)

1982: Aerotal Colombia (727-100s on 8/4/82 and 11/28/82)

Japan Airlines (DC-8-60s on 2/9/82 and 9/17/82)

1984: Garuda Indonesia (DC-9-30s on 6/11/84 and 12/30/84)

2014: Malaysia Airlines (777-200s on 3/8/14 and 7/17/14)

Source: Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Fleet database


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