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Airbus, Boeing Delivering Aircraft At The Last Minute?


An analysis of Airbus' and Boeing's delivery data for the past five years from Aviation Week Intelligence Network's Fleet database reveals that both Airbus and Boeing tend to deliver a majority of their aircraft during the second half of each month.

By the 15th, both Airbus and Boeing have delivered, on average, only 40% of the total number of aircraft they end up delivering for the entire month. Theoretically, around 3.3% of total monthly aircraft deliveries should be expected to be delivered on any given day during the month, but the actual percentage can vary by as much as 1.5%. During an average month, Airbus delivers only 1.8% of its aircraft on the 2nd while the 28th sees 4.6%. Boeing is virtually the same with 1.8% of its monthly aircraft deliveries taking place on the 2nd while 4.6% are delivered on the 25th. Obviously not every month has a 31st day, and the percentage of deliveries on that day are low as one would expect. However, that percentage is still in line with the first few days of each month.

The reason for the end-of-month deliveries could be as simple as rushing to meet contractual obligations with customers, meeting internal production goals, and/or trying to outdo the other manufacturer in monthly deliveries.

The chart below shows the percentage of aircraft delivered by day for Airbus and Boeing.

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