The FAA is launching a beta version of a new smartphone application designed for use by UAV users. The application, called B4UFly, is aimed at model aircraft users and is designed to give them information about restrictions and requirements in effect at their current or planned flight location. Many UAV users have little or no aviation experience, and some fly the UAVs where they can pose a danger to manned aircraft. B4UFly will give fliers the knowledge to operate safely, FAA said. For example, the app determines restrictions or requirements in effect where they want to fly. It gives the user a status icon that considers airspace, proximity to airports, temporary flight restrictions, current law and other FAA guidance and procedures. It also gives information on the parameters that drive the status indicator, a “Planner Mode” for future flights in different locations, interactive maps with filtering options, and links to other FAA unmanned aircraft systems resources and regulatory information, FAA says. Operators of model aircraft that fly within 5 mi. of an airport are required by law to notify the airport and the air traffic control tower, if there is one at the airport, before operating the model aircraft, it said. FAA is working on an electronic notification process to satisfy the requirement that will become part of a future version of the app.