These graphs are designed to illustrate the performance of Citation Latitude under a variety of range, payload, speed and density altitude conditions. Do not use these data for flight planning purposes because they are gross approximations of actual aircraft performance.


Time and Fuel Versus Distance
This graph shows the relationship distance flown, block time and fuel consumption. Citation Latitude’s advertised range is 2,650 nm with five passengers at an average block speed of about 400 KTAS. The aircraft we flew for this report was heavier than production aircraft because of flight test equipment.


Specific Range (Mid-Range Weight, ISA) This graph shows the relationship between cruise speed and fuel consumption for Citation Latitude at representative cruise altitudes for a midweight aircraft. We did not have the opportunity to verify all these data during our evaluation flight. Upper air wind currents during our demo flight biased the results.

Range/Payload Profile The purpose of this graph is to provide simulations of various trips under a variety of payload and two airport density altitude conditions, with the goal of flying the longest distance at high-speed cruise. Each of the four payload/range lines ends at the maximum range for each payload condition. The time and fuel burn dashed lines are based upon a long range cruise speed of 360 KTAS derived from the Time and Fuel versus Distance graph. Runway distances for sea-level standard day and for B&CA’s 5,000-ft. elevation, ISA+20C airport accompany the takeoff weights.