In August 1967, BCA published pieces about the need for airborne collision avoidance systems, the Smiths Series 6 flight control system and controversy over Santa Monica Municipal Airport.

Aviation safety gains, described by the FAA in its annual report, were based on CAB figures for 1965. General aviation showed a slight statistical improvement with 516 fatal accidents in over 16,000,000 flight hours. – BCA Staff

After a long period of belief that the only way to prevent midairs was from the ground, the prevalent opinion in civil aviation has swung over to the realization that an airborne collision avoidance system (CAS) is definitely needed — and now.

Harmon Trophy Winner is new BCA publisher: James F. Coleman, better known as “Skeets.” Can ex-test pilot, former business jet marketing executive Coleman make good in the publishing business? North American’s Vice President Bob Hoover said, “You’ve got yourselves a helluva guy!”

12-Passenger STOL: New visitor to STOLports of this country may be 12 passenger Skyservant, powered by Lycoming IGSO-540 engines, and manufactured by Dornier International. 

‘All the way Flight Control’: Smiths came to Washington to show its flight control system to the FAA, the aviation press and selected airlines. In a Hawker-Siddley 748 twin turboprop, this leading autopilot maker from Britain showed off its basic Series 6 system. 

Bizjet Decibels Peril Santa Monica Municipal: Local citizenry, up in arms over night light noise, may have scored some mortal blows. There has been no lull in the conflict. Resident groups dug up more ammunition when they found that some 2,000 ft. of the runway is actually in Los Angeles. Documents indicated that the street in question had been rerouted as a temporary variance for the emergency (during the war). Thus, this March, zoning officials of Los Angeles ordered SMM to stop using the piece of property by April 1.