Aircraft Technical Publications, based in San Francisco, has acquired CaseBank Technologies, a move that brings a broader range of products to customers to improve maintenance processes and equipment performance, company officials say.                                                                       

The acquisition is an important next step in the evolution of Aircraft Technical Publications, said Charles Picasso, the company’s CEO.

“We saw the opportunity to move from being a content provider to provide value-added services,” Picasso said. The goal is to help operators fly their aircraft more.

“They are very interested in their operations and the availability of their aircraft,” he said. “The maintenance providers are concerned about what productivity they have and the cost of providing maintenance and (creating) customer loyalty.”

The acquisition has led to the creation of a new content management system, which links products from each company together to aid aircraft maintenance providers, Picasso says.

“The components can be deployed (individually) by customers and connected later on,” said Phil D’Eon, president of CaseBank.

CaseBank products include aircraft diagnostic, troubleshooting and fault detection capabilities. A product called SpotLight uses diagnostic software to guide technicians through a process to pinpoint the cause of an aircraft’s problems during maintenance.

Its ChronicX product is used by fleet operators to identify and rank recurring defects in aircraft and engine fleets. It uses algorithms to analyze maintenance records to identify trends, such as recurring problems and repeat defects across multiple aircraft and repair stations.

CaseBank customers include Bombardier, Gulfstream Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney and others.

ATP provides maintenance information taken directly from 54 aircraft manufacturers and 200 component manufacturers to track maintenance, parts inventory, troubleshooting and fault detection. It consolidates thousands of publications and regulatory information from the FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to create a set of technical, operating and regulatory information.  ATP has 5,600 customers in 96 countries.