Nariobi: City at a Glance

City: Nairobi

Country: Republic of Kenya

Status: Capital, largest city, and financial center (for East Africa as well as Kenya)

Country visa requirement: Yes, for passengers and crew, however, for North American and European operators, crew visas can be obtained on arrival (i.e., unnecessary to apply for visas in advance except for passengers). Flight crews must be in uniform and present official crew IDs. General Declarations necessary for all aircraft occupants. Passengers and crew arriving from countries where yellow fever is present must carry valid yellow fever inoculation cards.

Landing permit requirement: Yes, minimum lead time for applying is 72 hr. Recommend having local handler obtain permit for more efficient processing.

Sponsor letter required: No

Aircraft documents required: Airworthiness certificate, aircraft registration, insurance certificate with country coverage

Any other requirements for visiting aircraft: No operational restrictions.

Carbon trading requirement: No

ATC procedures: ICAO Pans Ops

Any unique procedures: No. SIDs and STARs in effect for Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK). Revised ICAO flight plan in effect since Nov. 15, 2012.

Altimetry: QNH

Metric or feet: Feet


WGS 84-compliant: Yes

Local navigator required: No