Lagos: City at a Glance

City: Lagos

Country: Nigeria

Status: Financial center and largest city

Country visa requirement: Required in advance for passengers and crew for stays of 48 hr. or longer; exempt for technical stops; however, aircraft occupants cannot depart airport. Operator must present on arrival a General Declaration stamped from last port of departure and containing identification of passengers and crewmembers.

Landing permit requirement: Yes, 48-hr. advance notice

Sponsor letter required: Yes, signed and on local business contact's company stationary

Aircraft documents required: Airworthiness certificate, aircraft registration, noise certificate, insurance certificate with country coverage, last three pages of aircraft maintenance log

Any other requirements for visiting aircraft: No

Carbon trading requirement: No

ATC procedures: ICAO/Pans Ops

Any unique procedures: No. Aircraft must enter and depart Nigeria at POEs.

Altimetry: QNH

Metric or feet: Feet


WGS 84-compliant: Yes

Local navigator required: No