JetNet iQ, which provides market intelligence for the business jet community, tweaked its survey to broaden its geographical reach.

The company contacted 1,500 owners and operators of 3,500 business aircraft, limited to fixed-wing turbine aircraft. Respondents were randomly selected from the JetNet database, says Rolland Vincent, director of JetNet iQ. JetNet created the database with the cooperation of OEMs, which reported where their aircraft have been placed. JetNet then contacted the owners and operators to conduct the survey.

Results are sliced and diced geographically and by owner and operator type. However, Vincent noted that isolating high-net-worth individuals is difficult as many do not self-report as such, which he describes as “stealth wealth.”

Most respondents were from North America, with strong showings from Europe and Latin America. The lower number of respondents from Asia and the Middle East should change as the business jet market in those regions grows, Vincent said.