China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Company (CAIGA), which bought Cirrus Aircraft last summer, is making a “major investment” that fully funds the Cirrus Vision SF50 personal jet program through certification and initial production, the company says.

Cirrus did not detail the investment’s size, but it will provide a much-needed boost for the single-jet program, which was first publicly revealed in 2006.

Cirrus CEO and co-founder Dale Klapmeier says the investment is a “tremendous milestone” for the company and that the new owners “are actively partnering with Cirrus while providing substantial resources for us to meet and exceed our shared goals.”

The Cirrus Vision single-engine jet is designed to fill the gap between high performance pistons and traditional turboprop twins and light business jets. The first flight of the Vision concept aircraft was in 2008. Detail design, systems verification and full flight envelope testing have been ongoing since that time, but questions had remained on whether Cirrus would have the resources to see the program to fruition.

With the financial backing, the company expects first customer delivery will take place in 2015. The company says the Chinese investment significantly increases the pace and momentum of the program and allows the company to bring the jet to the market. To ramp up to certification and production, Cirrus will accelerate the hiring of engineers, designers and other related technical disciplines critical to the program’s completion.

The Cirrus Vision development team is based at Cirrus Aircraft company headquarters in Duluth, Minn., and Vision jets will be assembled alongside the SR20, SR22 and SR22T in the same Minnesota and North Dakota Cirrus Aircraft production facilities.

The company has priced a “well-equipped” Cirrus Vision SF50 at $1.72 million for orders taken through June 30. After that, the price increases to $1.96 million.