Boeing is looking at expanding its comprehensive GoldCare aftermarket services program beyond the 787 and 737NG to the 777 and 747-8, says Jay Maloney, VP fleet management for Boeing commercial aviation services.

“We look at the pool and the business case for doing this very closely,” says Maloney. In expanding the program to the 737NG, he says, “One thing became clear as we began to work on the 787 model - what about the rest of my fleet?” He calls the 737NG the next logical step. He also says Boeing sees the potential to bring the 777 and 747-8 under the GoldCare umbrella next.

Boeing has lined up a launch customer for GoldCare on the 787 - TUI travel group - and Maloney says it has “several near-term 787 [GoldCare program] customers in the pipeline.” It plans to announce these later this year or early next.

Boeing has not announced a launch customer for the 737NG offering.