William Garvey

William Garvey
Business & Commercial Aviation

Bill has been Editor-in-Chief of Business & Commercial Aviation since 2000. During his stewardship at Business & Commercial Aviation, the monthly magazine has received dozens of awards for editorial excellence.

He is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement in Journalism Award from the National Business Aviation Association; the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Aerospace Media Awards; the Aviation Journalism Award from the National Air Transportation Association; and an Aerospace Journalist of the Year Award for Business Aviation. 

Previously, Bill served as Managing Editor of Aviation Week Television. He was the top editor for both Flying and Professional Pilot magazines, as well as a member of the senior editorial staff at Reader's Digest. He also managed communications for FlightSafety International. 

Bill has authored or co-authored three aviation books, was an essayist for National Public Radio, wrote aviation documentaries for The Discovery Channel, and has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, Smithsonian Air & Space, Popular Mechanics and The Associated Press, among others. 

An active aviator, Bill holds a Commercial Pilot license, along with multiengine, instrument, seaplane and glider ratings.

Fast Five: Chad Cundiff, Astronautics Corporation of America
This month, William Garvey talks with Chad Cundiff, President of Astronautics Corporation of America.
One Of The Historical Sabreliner’s Still-Relevant Roles  1
With a heritage that traces back to the first jet fighter, the long out-of-production Sabreliner is a key element in in-flight upset training.
Milestone Next: Rather Than Seclusion, This Is Coming To City Center 
HAI President Matt Zuccaro tells HAI attendees unmanned and eVTOL machines are “not a threat” to helicopter operators “and you’ve got to get your heads around that.”
Jet-A And Avgas Per-Gallon Fuel Prices: March 2019 
The tables show Jet-A and avgas prices from a survey of U.S. fuel suppliers conducted in March 2019.
Daher Upgrades Single-Engine TBM 940 Turboprop
Daher has upgraded its single-engine turboprop. Improvements to the TBM 940 include an automated throttle, automatic deicing system and redesigned seats.
Elwell Says FAA Will Not Segregate Drones
The acting FAA administrator says the agency's role is to enable the UAS industry, but so it does not impinge on the rest of the National Airspace System.
Boeing Picks Epic For New-Aircraft Sustainable Fuel Delivery
Boeing has selected Epic Fuels to provide sustainable Jet-A fuel for its new-aircraft delivery program and has begun offering customers its use on delivery flights
BRS Parachute System Saves Lives  3
BRS Aerospace reports its whole-aircraft parachute system recently saved its 400th and 401st lives, considered noteworthy achievements in aviation safety.
4,000 Civil Turbine Helicopter Deliveries Predicted In Next Five Years
Honeywell's Turbine-Powered Civil Helicopter Purchase Outlook is forecasting 4,000 civil helicopters could be delivered by manufacturers over the next five years.
Boeing Purchases Houston-Based ForeFlight 
Boeing continues to expand its number of subsidiaries, recently closing on ForeFlight, a provider of mobile and web-based aviation applications.
True Blue Power Introduces Gen5 Battery 
True Blue Power, which makes lithium-ion batteries, has introduced fifth-generation main-ship batteries engineered to address lead-acid and NiCad challenges.
Kopter Group To Build SH09 Helicopters In Louisiana 
Kopter Group, the manufacturer of the SH09 single-engine light helicopter, hopes to eventually assemble as many as 100 of them annually at a Louisiana facility.
Farnborough Airshow To End Public Weekend Days 
The Farnborough Airshow is ending its public weekend days. Under the new format, the next event, July 20-24, 2020, will be held over five days instead of seven.
RUAG Australia Earns EASA Part 145, Receives Patent
RUAG Australia has been certified as an EASA Part 145 maintenance organization. It offers component MRO and line support for fleets there and in Europe.
Bombardier Expands Singapore Service Center
Bombardier is boosting its customer service capabilities in the Asia-Pacifc region by expanding its Singapore Service Center.
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