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Warren Ferster

Space Entrepreneurs Flooding U.S. With License Requests  1
U.S. government regulators are being overwhelmed by a flood of license requests from entrepreneurial space companies featuring technologies and applications that are new to the commercial world, industry and government officials said.
ULA’s 2017 Engine Pick Pivotal For Space Launch Industry  8
SpaceX and ULA will go toe-to-toe for space launches in 2017, in both the commercial and defense realms.
Commercial Market A Factor As Military Faces Decisions On Space Assets  2
Pentagon faces decisions on critical and complex military space systems as the commercial satellite communications market continues to evolve.
How Breaking Up Military Satcom Could Aid U.S. And Allies  3
If the U.S. opts to disaggregate its future Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellites, the decision could allow allies to create a unified satcom system by 2025.
Canada Pursuing Dedicated Military Satcom System 
The Canadian government has abandoned the idea of fielding a dual-mission satellite system covering the Arctic region and instead will pursue a dedicated communications constellation with a similar coverage footprint and a price tag of nearly $2 billion.
Space X To Launch NRO Satellite  2
The commercial space launch company is a subcontractor on a classified contract to loft the NROL-76 mission.
New Ways To Spy From Space  6
Top U.S. officials seek to balance the use of government-made spy satellites with new commercial developments in imagery and intelligence collection and analysis.
SpaceX To Launch NRO Payload  5
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is slated to launch a classified U.S. National Reconnaissance Office payload next year in an arrangement that appears to have been brokered by a third party.

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