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Sean Broderick

Senior Air Transport Editor,
Aviation Week Intelligence Network

Sean Broderick's aviation career started in 1991, working for Airbus in Toulouse. His industry experience includes four years with an aviation consultancy, where he helped launch a U.S. Part 121 carrier; 12 years with the American Association of Airport Executives, where he served as editor of Airport Magazine; and 20 years in full- and part-time roles with Aviation Week writing primarily about airline business, MRO, and safety.

Broderick and Aviation Week colleague John Croft shared the 2015 Flight Safety International Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award recognizing "significant contributions by journalists to aviation safety awareness."

Based outside Washington, D.C., he graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in Communications ('91) and earned an M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications ('13) from West Virginia University.

Southwest Pilots Say Work Still Needed On MAX Changes 
The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) does not expect simulator training to be part of the 737 MAX return-to-service (RTS) requirements, but concedes that pending evaluations, including some that its pilots will participate in, could change things.
New Issue Prompts Expansion Of 737 Pickle Fork Checks  3
Ongoing inspections of older Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) structural parts have turned up cracks outside the original area targeted, prompting Boeing and the FAA to expand the checks.
New Narrowbodies, Small Airports Could Fuel U.S. Airline Start-Ups 
Aspiring U.S. airline start-ups face a daunting challenge finding a niche and loyal customers in the current marketplace, but the right strategy combined with new, more versatile narrowbodies could help level the playing field.
FAA To Southwest: Evaluate Airworthiness Of 49 737s  7
The FAA and Southwest Airlines are at odds over the carrier’s alleged lack of due diligence on 88 used Boeing 737s it has added to its fleet, and the slow pace that the airline is taking to address significant airworthiness issues identified in follow-up inspections.
Boeing Suggests MAX Approval Still ‘Possible’ This Year 
Boeing has completed one of three key simulator review sessions required to validate its changes to the 737 MAX and maintains that initial regulatory approvals and resumption of deliveries could still happen by year-end 2019.
MAX Return Won’t Flood Market, AerCap’s Kelly Says 
Airlines will manage the capacity spike that the Boeing 737 MAX’s return will create, helped in part by what is shaping up to be a phased return, AerCap CEO Aengus Kelly said.
American, Southwest Extends MAX-Less Schedules Into March 2020 
Southwest Airlines is set to extend its Boeing 737 MAX-less schedule through Mar. 6, 2020, a strong indication that it does not expect FAA to approve the grounded model’s return before year-end 2019.
Podcast: Let’s Make a Deal
Our editors take the pulse of the industry at Aviation Week’s Mergers and Acquisitions Conference.
Corporate And Regulatory Failings Doomed The MAX, Lawmakers Argue 
The FAA’s delegation process did not provide the agency with enough visibility into the MAX certification and testing.
Lion Air Report Details MAX Design And Airline Operational Failures  4
Lion Air has made changes to address training and maintenance shortcomings.
Spirit Aerosystems Lauds Bombardier Deal’s Aftermarket Boost 
Spirit Aerosystems’ deal to buy certain Bombardier commercial aviation assets significantly increases and broadens the aerostructures specialist’s aftermarket presence beyond traditional spare-parts sales, largely through principal customer Boeing.
MAX Grounding Triggers CFM56-7B Engine Overhaul Delays 
Safran reported an unexpected dip in CFM56-7B shop visits in the 2019 third quarter (Q3), citing airlines pushing their Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) aircraft as long as possible before required maintenance to help offset not having 737 MAXs.
JATR: Boeing Documentation Of Key MCAS Changes Inadequate  5
The FAA had first-hand knowledge of critical changes to the 737 MAX MCAS during the aircraft’s development, but Boeing’s lack of proper paperwork documenting the updates kept agency experts who may have given the system more scrutiny out of the loop.
What The Lion Air Report Tells Us About MAX, Crew And Maintenance Errors 5
The final report on last year’s Lion Air Flight 610 (JT610) 737 MAX 8 accident concluded that inherent flaws in the aircraft’s flight control system set the stage for the crash and provides new details on both flight-crew and maintenance errors that played roles in the accident.
Boeing CEO To Tell Congress: We Are Fixing Our Mistakes 
Boeing “got some things wrong” related to the 737 MAX development and response to two fatal accidents, and remains committed to answering every question from the FAA to get the aircraft flying again, CEO Dennis Muilenburg plans to tell a U.S. Senate committee Oct. 29.
U.S. Carriers Test New MAX Software; Prep For Service Return
October 4, 2019


Thanks for reading and for the questions. We did a bit of digging, and here’s what we've learned so far.

“Windshear Escape Maneuver” is addressed in the QRH...

Boeing Faces New Hurdle In MAX Recertification Effort
June 28, 2019


It's a fair criticism, especially left on its own. The intention was to show that the people tasked with managing such a large project involving many hands...

ALPA: Simulator Time Not Needed To Un-Ground 737 MAX
May 9, 2019

You suspect right. Thank you for flagging it. It will be fixed.

U.S. Airlines Confident In MAX Flight Resumption Timeline
May 1, 2019

AGP--thank you for pointing out the photo issue. Bit of a mix-up, but we're addressing it.

As to your questions, we're working on getting answers, as it's on our minds...

FAA Eyes Consensus On 737 MAX Flight Approvals
March 26, 2019

Word now is they (US and EASA, among others) have been granted access to the raw data. As to why it took so long--clearly someone putting something ahead of safety, because...

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