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Robert Stallard

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Opinion: How Boeing’s Low Bids Are Unsettling Defense  13
Why Boeing’s decision to bid three recent defense programs at a loss with a fixed-price development structure is bad news for the industry.
Opinion: Global Aerospace And Defense—Halftime Show 
Overall, second-quarter results support a generally positive fundamental outlook for the A&D industry.
Opinion: Have Defense Stocks Peaked? 
U.S. military revenue and earnings are likely to remain strong.
Opinion: The New Cold War 
Winners in the boosted Pentagon budget are likely to include space, cyber and nuclear weapons.
Opinion: NBAA 2017—Flat Is The New Up  1
Nothing extraordinary is expected heading into 2018, but the status of the business jet industry looks a lot better than it has for most of the last decade.
Opinion: Don’t Dismiss UTC’s Potential Acquisition Of Rockwell  2
Major acquisitions can take an enormous amount of time to achieve. A UTC/Rockwell deal would be in the very early stages of discussion.
Opinion: Five Key Industry Points From 2017 Paris Air Show  12
Discussions at Le Bourget revealed a handful of topics that seemed to be on everyone’s minds.
Why Airbus And Boeing Should Worry About Middle East Airlines  19
More than 25% of widebody backlogs are from Middle Eastern orders and a slowdown for the Gulf carriers could have ramifications for the aerospace sector.
Opinion: Where 2017 Aerospace Forecasts Could Be Wrong  2
Airline profits may ease as fuel costs rise, the business jet market is likely to get “less bad,” and signs bode well for defense sector growth.

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