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Richard N. Aarons

Richard N. Aarons
A Reliance On Misunderstood Systems With Tragic Consequences  3
There comes a time when every person simply needs help, but asking for a hand can be difficult for some. This happened to an experienced older Cessna 500 pilot.
A Fatal Unmasking: Oxygen Is As Critical As Fuel 
A Canada Transport Safety Board report on a fatal accident points out the importance of preventing hypoxia.
Fixated on Landing: The Dangers Of Ignoring SOPs  4
All airline and most business aviation SOPs call for an immediate missed approach if the situation becomes unstable.
A Fatal Fog: Instantaneous Disorientation On Pre-Christmas Jaunt  1
NTSB determines the probable cause was “the pilot’s loss of control due to spatial disorientation during takeoff in instrument meteorological conditions.
Tragic Trim Mistake: Checklist Adherence A Key To Survival  2
In the end, the use of a checklist could have prevented the accident. Checklists work. We all get tired and forgetful at times. Checklists are lifesavers.
Why Checklists Are Not Completed 
Following checklists is an essential defense against pilot errors. Research studies have provided insights as to why procedures may not always be completed.
Incapable Of Flight—All Safeguards Failed  5
It seemed nothing would go right for Ameristar Charters Flight 9363 until the captain averted tragedy by aborting the takeoff after accelerating through V1.
An Approach So Awful, The Tower Controllers Ducked Out Of Fear  1
Four crewmembers and 47 of the 67 passengers on board a US-Bangla Airlines Bombardier Q400 died when their scheduled flight crashed and burned at Kathmandu, Nepal, while maneuvering for a VFR landing.
Deviations From SOP Leaves Embraer Business Jet Seriously Damaged  5
An Embraer business jet was damaged when it stalled during the flare phase of a final approach, impacted the ground and came to a stop at an edge of the runway.
Gaithersburg Accident Involved EMB-500 Stall In Icing Conditions 
The BFU took note of the December 2014 accident at Gaithersburg, Maryland, involving an EMB-500 in which the airplane stalled in icing conditions.
When Irish Eyes: The Importance Of Seeing Things Clearly 
Pilots found themselves impaired visibility as they peered through scratched and degraded oxygen masks while shooting a CAT II approach.
A ‘Go’ Gone Wrong: A Faulty Decision Made Under Pressure  3
Too often we see an NTSB finding that states: "The probable cause(s) of this accident [involving a highly experienced airman] is determined to be the pilot's decision to initiate and continue flight into known adverse weather conditions, which resulted in spatial disorientation, a loss of airplane control and a subsequent inflight breakup."
A Near Catastrophe: Within Feet Of Becoming The Worst Air Disaster  26
An Air Canada A320 came within seconds of landing atop a line of four airliners waiting on a parallel taxiway to take off from Runway 28R at San Francisco.
A Perfect Trap: Rapidly Changing Weather And Visual Illusions  1
Rapidly changing weather and visual illusions combine for near-disaster on St. Maarten.
Midnight Mystery: Air Ambulance Loss Turns Focus To Two Possible Flaws 
In its investigation into the loss of a PC-12 air ambulance in Texas, NTSB has recommended the NWS review its issuance of turbulence advisories.

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