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Richard Aboulafia

Richard Aboulafia
Vice President of Analysis, Teal Group

Contributing columnist Richard Aboulafia is vice president of analysis at Teal Group. He is based in Washington.

Opinion: The Case For Shelving Boeing’s NMA  24
A smaller new airplane might make more sense for Boeing.
Opinion: Is The Party Over For Commercial Aviation?  3
After years of above-trend air traffic growth, air travel demand has slowed markedly this year, putting the jetliner double cycle at risk.
Podcast: Is the UAM Market Overhyped?
Graham Warwick and Richard Aboulafia got together to discuss how big the UAM market will be. Will there be fireworks, or harmony? Listen and find out.
Opinion: Is Urban Air Mobility A Recipe for Financial Carnage?  17
Billions of dollars are needed to make conceptual aircraft a reality. This raises the question of whether the market will justify this massive investment.
Opinion: The Best Fighter Market In 27 Years 4
Five reasons why combat aircraft production is surging.
Opinion: Four Key Questions About Shrinking RJ Market  4
The makers of transports with fewer than 90 seats have to figure out what comes next.
Opinion: Why Franco-German Fighter Is A Very Bad Idea  30
Differences in foreign policy, arms-sales practices and industrial incentives could kill the aircraft before it gets off the ground.
Podcast: Putting Odds on Boeing's NMA 1
Why did Rolls-Royce say “no thank you” to Boeing’s NMA? How might Airbus respond? Listen in as we discuss the risks of launching a new mid-market airliner.
Opinion: Why Boeing’s NMA Is Not A Done Deal  27
Consider the two primary sources of NMA demand: upgauging from single-aisle routes and replacements for current single-aisle jets.
Opinion: Has Trump Had Any Impact On Aerospace?  6
Halfway in, the Trump administration’s effect on the industry is muted, and there are major issues undecided.
Opinion: Why The Widebody Market Is Mired In Misery  7
Route fragmentation that is killing large quadjets is also badly hurting medium-large twin-aisles.
Opinion: Why Commercial Airplanes Are Behind Boeing’s Military Wins  12
These victories, while impressive, have led to questions on pricing and whether the company is effectively buying the market by offering the lowest prices around.
Podcast: Why Boeing Just Can’t Lose
Low bids propped up by its commercial airplane business helped Boeing snare $25 billion in military contracts including the T-X, MQ-25 and MH-139 competitions. But could the OEM’s strategy backfire in the long run? Aviation Week editors and Teal Group’s Richard Aboulafia break it down.
Opinion: Why Japan’s Aerospace Strategy Needs A Rethink 
Japan is one of the world’s most important supplier nations, but events this year show that its position faces major challenges.
Opinion: Why The Time May Be Ripe For The UK Tempest  4
The UK has a very important advantage in developing a new European combat aircraft.

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