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Pierre Sparaco


Pierre Sparaco, Aviation Week’s former Paris bureau chief, has covered aviation and aerospace for more than 50 years, from the birth of the Concorde program to the first flight of the A350XWB.

Opinion: Revamped Airbus A330 Is Ill-Fated  24
Although Airbus cites a market for an upgraded A330, the manufacturer seems to be overly optimistic about its chances of success.
Opinion: Long-Haul LCC Flights Inevitable, But Not Now  7
From Freddie Laker to Michael O’Leary, many airline CEOs have pursued a sustainable long-haul, low-cost agenda. No one has succeeded yet, although that day will come.
Opinion: Dassault May Have To Change Its Focus  1
Dassault Aviation, long noted for both its civil and military aircraft offerings, may eventually have to opt for a purely civil product line due to diverse market and political influences.
Opinion: Overcapacity Is A Viable Threat To Today’s Market 8
Production is not keeping pace with record-breaking aircraft orders and somewhere soon down the line, wants and needs are going to collide.
Opinion: Dassault's First Rafale Export Order Underscores France’s Patience  23
Decades have elapsed between Rafale leaving the drawing board and landing a foreign sale.
Opinion: Air France May Be Running Out Of Chances  2
Air France is being pummeled by outside factors such as the proliferation of low-cost airlines infringing on its territory, but perhaps the biggest shadow is being cast by their “brother” executives at KLM.
Opinion: France Celebrates Illustrious Aerospace History With New Museum  2
Although it was years in the making, Aeroscopia—a museum dedicated to France’s major role in aerospace history—proves to be well worth the time and effort.
Opinion: Politics Impede Health Of French Aviation Sector 
An unprecedented difference of opinion when it comes to building Notre-Dame-des-Landes regional airport could lead to a major and disproportionate crisis of political confidence and prove to be a financial fiasco.
Opinion: Chinese Stake In Toulouse Airport Not Cataclysmic  4
Local politicians rail about Chinese group’s takeover of Toulouse Airport, but the move may not matter much in the long-term.
Opinion: Airlines In France Face Headwinds From Government  1
New report criticizes government policy toward airlines in France, suggesting remedies to improve competitiveness
Opinion: Airline Business Models Converging Across U.S., Europe 
Business model for legacy and low-cost carriers is converging, in both the U.S. and Europe.
Opinion: The Declining State Of Air France  10
Air France has been slow to embrace the changing environment of air travel, and this has contributed to its long list of woes
Opinion: Airline Industry Must Step-Up Solving Slot Shortage  10
As airport congestion worsens worldwide, the pressure is on to find ways of alleviating slot shortages
Opinion: French Pilot Unions Impede Air France Makeover  5
SNPL pilot union demands could sink a struggling Air France
Opinion: European Fighter Deal Will Defy Consolidation 
Airbus plan to sell its stake in Dassault could allow Rafale builder to stay small

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