Paul Seidenman

Paul Seidenman
Retrofit Opportunity: Head-Up Cockpit Displays 
Rapidly changing advancements in head-up displays and regulatory changes could make these systems more common in cockpits
Electromechanical Actuators Advance But Hydraulic Still Reigns 
Electromechanical actuation technology in aviation is advancing but will require a lot more work for its practical applications of high output force.
Lufthansa Technik Expands Engine Repair Space
Lufthansa Technik continues to expand its Hamburg engine facility in preparation for the first shop visits of the CFM LEAP engines.
Why Avionics Upgrades Market Won’t Slow 
Deferring the retirement of aging aircraft and ADS-B Out mandates are among the factors driving the hot avionics upgrade market.
Growing Cargo Volume Good News For CF6 MRO
Cargo is driving “a great tail wind” for the CF6 engine.
Boeing 767 Market Strong Due To Freighter Conversions 
Surging air freight from companies including Amazon, FedEx and UPS are making the Boeing 767 a sought-after aircraft.
Reducing Engine Field Repairs
New material developments and predictive data technologies are reducing field repair events, which can keep an aircraft out of service for days at a time.
Engine MROs See Opportunity In Component Repair Development 
MROs seek to reduce costs by developing repair solutions from scratch.
Aero Norway Ramps Up CFM56 Induction Capability
With the CFM56 MRO market showing continued strength, Aero Norway has increased its production capability to accommodate 102 inductions for 2019, up from 80 last year.
GE Expands Engine Testing As GEnx Test Cell In Brazil Ramps Up
Three months after its official opening, GE Celma's new test cell at Tres Rios, Brazil, is providing expanded capacity and testing post-overhaul GEnx testing.
Why Electric Propulsion Could Be Disruptive For MRO 
Electric propulsion for commercial aircraft, once viable, could force massive changes on MRO providers.
How Batteries Need To Develop To Match Jet Fuel 
For electric power to replace current engines on commercial aircraft, major improvements in battery technology will be needed.
ADS-B Out: Suppliers Prepared As 2020 Mandate Looms 
Avionics suppliers are ready, but will operators flying in U.S. or European airspace be able to meet the regulatory deadlines for ADS-B Out?
New Alloys, Coatings, Design Considerations For Wheels 
Balancing costs and benefits of new materials and corrosion-resistant coatings, along with new designs such as boltless wheels, involves making tradeoffs.
LED Lighting Expanding Exterior Applications 
Better durability, cost, weight savings, power consumption and color quality support the business case for upgrading aircraft with LED lighting.
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