Pat Toensmeier

Pat Toensmeier
Defeating Radar With Meta-Skin  5
A meta-skin developed by university researchers shows promise in suppressing radar signals and rendering objects invisible.
Mini-Shooter Robot Goes Around Obstacles  1
A portable tactical robot carries a multi-shot sidearm to remove threats from contested areas.
DNA Offers Potential For Data Archiving 
Researchers propose using encoded DNA strands to meet ever-increasing data-storage needs.
U.S. Army Seeks Micro UAS To Extend Squad Awareness  3
Development of pocket-sized UAS attracts Army interest for the benefits it could provide to squad intel.
Biological Materials Have Potential For Custom Applications 
The emerging science of synthetic biology promises innovative advances in bio-based materials development.
Should You Really Trust a Robot?  9
Study finds that even in a dangerous situation, many people will trust a ‘guide robot’ despite the mistakes in direction it makes.
U.S. Looks For Longer-Range But Still Mobile Artillery 
A U.S. Army plan to modify 155-mm howitzers and shells will more than double the weapon’s range, but without affecting mobility.
Science Of Unseen Brain Trauma Is Under Study  1
Shockwaves from bomb blasts create energy-packed microbubbles on the brain that quickly vanish but may leave lasting injury
Production-Ready Graphene From South Korean Company  3
South Korean producer is offering commercial supply of a high-performance material that could dramatically improve product performance for A&D applications.
China: Dashing The Status Quo  1
China’s expansion into the South China Sea can be seen as a form of manifest destiny that will impact relations with the region and the U.S.
Ardec Discovers How to ‘Unfire’ Bullets 
Projectiles are constructed to break up in flight at a preselected range to prevent collateral damage and civilian casualties.
New Cleaner Could Enhance Weapons Care 
The U.S. Army is testing a number of internal lubricants for rifle components that would eliminate manual cleaning of weapons.
Compact Inmarsat Unit Extends UAV Performance 
A downsized satcom payload has the potential to boost high-speed data-processing capabilities of small unmanned aerial vehicles.
U.S. Army Contracts For Improved Multipurpose Tank Munitions  1
By incorporating more capabilities in the redesigned AMP tank round, the U.S. Army will reduce the need for tankers to make multiple ammunition choices based on perceived combat threats.
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