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Nicholas Fiorenza

Nicholas Fiorenza
Japan To Consider Strike Capability, Ambassador Says 
A review of Japan’s military strategy will consider whether the country should acquire a strike capability in case North Korea miscalculates the seriousness of the U.S. commitment.
Does F-35 Have Edge in Belgium’s Fighter Competition?  24
Capability and cost will be important factors in the tiny nation’s decision to replace 54 F-16s with 34 new fighters.
EU Aims To Pass Drone Regulation This Year  1
European Union-wide regulation would establish common rules for growing the civil unmanned-aircraft market in member countries.
Germany Increases Readiness Of Tiger Helicopters 
The German army has increased the availability of its Tiger combat helicopters, which could be deployed in support of United Nations operations in Mali.
Baby Steps Toward European Defense Cooperation  2
European nations seek to rebuild defense capabilities with joint programs and cooperative research.
Western Forces Cite Need For More Potent Arms 
Contractor Rheinmetall proposes advanced technology as a key asset in countering threats to downsized military forces.
Defending The Baltics  3
Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has Eastern European members of NATO on edge, and the alliance developing plans to protect them.
Germany Opens Airspace For Global Hawk Flights  17
Germany has opened its airspace for up to five Global Hawk flights a month until the middle of October 2016.
Procurement, New Missions Drive German Defense Budget Increases 
With deployments in Afghanistan, Mali and northern Iraq, Germany is increasing its defense budget beyond original plans, with new weapons systems accounting for much of the rise.
Forging Multinational Defense Bonds 
European forces are increasing capabilities and offsetting the impact of defense cuts by integrating personnel and equipment of their neighbors.
Changing Threats Motivate NATO To Test Response Force  1
NATO’s biggest exercise since 2002 aims to test land, sea and air forces’ ability to repulse emerging threats.
NATO Response Force Sharpens Spearhead 
NATO Response Force transitioning into a rapid-reaction force to reassure Eastern European member-states that there will be timely support.
European Defense Budget Decline Continues 
Overall, European Union defense spending has been declining in real terms for eight years, despite an increasingly bellicose Russia
Army Leaders Worldwide Adapt Operations To New Demands 
Armies using new technologies, force structures to counter evolving threats

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