Maxim Pyadushkin

Maxim Pyadushkin
Russia Correspondent,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Maxim holds a key position at AW&ST’s Russian partner – Air Transport Observer magazine ( In the past he was in charge of several ATO’s sister aerospace publications and earlier worked for Moscow-based CAST defense think-tank.
Maxim has a degree on international relations from MGIMO University, Moscow, Russia, and for several years worked at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Bishwo Airways To Order Superjet 100s 
The Nepal-based start-up carrier plans to operate the aircraft in a two-class 93-seat configuration.
UAC Wants Government Money For Russo-Chinese Widebody
In spite of earlier calls to eliminate state financing, Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation will seek government funding for the development of the new widebody aircraft it plans to build in cooperation with Chinese civil aircraft manufacturer Comac.
Russo-Chinese Widebody Concept Design Underway 11
A joint widebody airliner project between Russia and China is one step closer to coming to fruition.
Kazakhstan Air Force To Receive Su-30SM Fighters In 2015 
The first group of Kazakh pilots and technicians has already arrived at the aircraft’s assembly facility in Irkutsk, Russia, for one-month type conversion ground training.
Russian Airlines Carried Record Number Of Passengers In 2014 
According to the preliminary data provided by Russia’s Transport Clearing House, local airlines carried 93 million passengers last year, a 10% increase over 2013.
Russo-Chinese Widebody To Have Composite Wing 
Still, UAC has more experience in major composite structures than the Chinese industry has, although Avic, Comac’s airframe supplier, owns Austrian composites-specialist FACC.
Chinese Y-12E Turboprop To Be Certified In Russia 
Harbin Aircraft Industry Group, a division of Avic, is working toward Russian certification of its 19-seat Y-12E turboprop utility aircraft.
Russia’s Ilyushin Il-96 Turns Into Refueling Tanker 
Russia’s only widebody airliner – the Ilyushin Il-96 – is set to assume a new role after the January signing of a contract between the Russian defense ministry and United Aircraft Corp. (UAC) for two refueling tanker versions of the type.
Podcast: Aviation Week's 2014 Person of the Year 3
Aviation Week editors discuss the reasons behind our selection of Vladimir Putin as Person of the Year for 2014.
Russia’s Military Modernization Under President Putin 8
The conflict in Ukraine has increased the visibility of Russia’s military transformation, which Putin began at the start of his first term as president.
Russian Airlines Face Multiple Challenges In 2015 
Ukraine-related sanctions, a weak currency and falling international passenger traffic likely to create serious problems for Russian airlines in 2015.
Next Rearmament Plan Prepared By Russia 
Russia is determined to continue to strengthen the military, which it exploits for foreign policy goals and internal propaganda, however shrinking budgets—due to soft oil prices and a slumping national currency—have cast uncertainty on these plans.
Second Chance For Russia’s IL-112V Light Transport 

MOSCOW — Russia’s military will resume development of the new Ilyushin Il-112V light transport aircraft that was suspended in 2010.

The defense ministry signed a contract with United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) for development of the new aircraft, the deputy head of the corporation’s military aviation programs directorate, Vladislav Goncharenko, told the Echo of Moscow radio station. Deliveries are planned for 2018, he said.

A Second Chance For Russia’s IL-112V Light Transport 
Russia’s military will resume development of the new Ilyushin Il-112V light transport aircraft that was suspended in 2010.
Mar 27, 2015

U. S., Russian Astronauts Reach International Space Station for One Year Stay 4

"He will do great," predicted NASA astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore, who returned to Earth after 5 1/2 months on the ISS earlier this month. Wilmore watched Scott Kelly's lift off from NASA's Mission Control in Houston....More
Mar 26, 2015

Open Skies Over Benelux And Germany

Cold War kids like me still remember the Open Skies treaty, the 1992 agreement by members of NATO and the then Warsaw Pact to allow observation flights over their territory as a confidence-building measure....More
Mar 26, 2015

Pilot Report: Aviation Week Flies The Gripen (1999)

In 1999, Aviation Week's then Editor-in-Chief reported on the capabilities of the Saab Gripen. Read his pilot report....More
Mar 25, 2015

Kepler Achievements Recognized by National Air and Space Museum

"We are discovering all kinds of exotic planets, worlds that have oceans of molten rock, worlds that have not one but two stars rising in the East and setting in the West," said Natalie Batalha, Kepler mission scientist....More
Mar 24, 2015

NavWeek: Semper Why 3

As the U.S. Marine Corps continues to tack back to its expeditionary core and the U.S. remains on course for its Asia-Pacific rebalance, the question of the force’s relevance is again coming to the fore....More
Mar 21, 2015

SpaceX's Gwynne Shotwell Talks Raptor, Falcon 9, CRS-2, Satellite Internet and More 5

During a March 17 luncheon Shotwell touched on developments underway at the Hawthorne, California-based company....More
Mar 20, 2015

Germany To Boost Defense Spending

Germany's finance minister says the pacifist nation must shoulder more military commitments in the coming years....More
Mar 19, 2015

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft Spots Martian Aurora, Unexplained Dust Cloud

"What's especially surprising about the aurora we saw is how deep in the atmosphere it occurs," said Arnaud Stiepen, a University of Colorado researcher....More

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