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Mike Carrivick

Past Chief Executive,
Board of Airline Representatives

Mike Carrivick joined the airline industry in the 1965, since when he worked in the sales and marketing arena for small/medium and longhaul carriers. He also has experience of heading up the UK operations of travel management company owned by a multi-national organisation. In more recent times, he was Chief Executive of the Board of Airline Representatives in the UK, representing the aero-political interests of most of the home-based and overseas scheduled airlines with UK operations. Consequently, he was involved behind the scenes with urgent developments concerning aviation security, the ash cloud crisis in 2010, border control matters as well as government policy issues such UK airport capacity, aviation taxation and EU consumer regulations.

United: The Power of Social Media and Lessons To Be Learned 5
Whatever the reason for a passenger to be ‘volunteered’ to leave a flight they've actually boarded, and regardless of how that customer reacted, the manner in which they are treated must be without blemish.
UK Airports Commission Decision – A Clear Recommendation Or A Damp Squib? 2
For a trading nation that wishes to expand economic links with more of the world, the UK's business community will take a very dim view of any decision not to expand runway capacity.
Isn’t Consumer Legislation Now Intruding On Airline Safety Regimes? 1
The impact of EU Regulation 261/2004 covers care and assistance, and sometimes compensation as well, in cases of denied boarding, flight delays and cancellations. This legislation is not limited to EU airlines only as it also extends to all airlines of any country that operates from the EU.
Time For Premium Economy To Be The New Norm On Longer Flights 3
Profitability will always be a prime challenge for airlines, but jamming more and more passengers into smaller and smaller spaces for hours on end is counter-productive. Time for a re-think!

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