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Michael Fabey

Michael Fabey

Michael was a military reporter specializing in U.S. Defense Department contract analysis and naval programs for Aviation Week.

Michael received the 2014 Timothy White Award from ABM, the association of business information and media companies.

Osprey Mission Set Grows As Safety Concerns Linger 
Finding and fixing the technical, mechanical and operational problems with the MV-22 Osprey is an overriding imperative for the U.S. Marine Corps.
Anatomy Of A V-22 Crash  62
An up-close account of what led to a fatal Osprey accident in Oahu, Hawaii, and how it unfolded, based on Marine Corps investigative reports.
V-22: Unique Aircraft, Unique Problems  32
Nearly a decade of missions and operations have proven that the U.S. Marines’ MV-22 Osprey is a one-of-a-kind aircraft that provides unique flexibility in combat. But the tiltrotor continues to present complex operational challenges.
Challenges Seen In Asian Nuclear ‘Multipolarity’ 
The U.S. will have to rethink its policy and strategic force structure to deal with Asian nuclear “multipolarity.”
Helo Ops Play Key Role In U.S.-Japan Countermine Drill 
U.S. Navy helicopters played a major part in countermine operations training during recent drills between American and Japanese naval forces.
Inside the V-22's Carrier Delivery Mission  55
The U.S. Navy recently demonstrated the Bell-Boeing V-22's ability to assume the carrier-on delivery mission from the venerable C-2 Greyhound.
USMC Aviation Readiness Slowly Improves 
While the U.S. Marine Corps is starting to see overall improvement in aircraft readiness, the service still has quite a bit to work to do across the spectrum of its aviation programs, according to Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller.
U.S. Naval Pilots Use MH-53 Helos To Sling-Load Army Gear 
U.S. Navy pilots got the chance to practice sling-load external lifting operations with MH-53 Sea Dragons during recent exercises at Fort Drum, New York.
U.S. Navy Awards Delivery Modification For Poseidon 
Boeing has been awarded a $60.8 million U.S. Navy contract to bring the Increment 3 Block 2 capabilities of the P-8A Poseidon Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft through preliminary and critical design review.
U.S. Navy Unrolls Magic Carpet For Super Hornet Landings  1
Magic Carpet is a set of software changes to the aircraft’s integrated controls to use the F/A-18’s angle of attack to help ensure the proper glidepath and provide a steadier aircraft controlled by relatively small and quick wing adjustments.
Nighttime Osprey Ops Expand COD Missions 
The ability of V-22 Osprey tiltrotors to perform carrier onboard delivery missions at night will offer the U.S. Navy greater potential to move passengers and cargo to and from the ships than the aircraft currently doing those operations, a Navy vice admiral says.
F-18 Mishaps Mar U.S. Naval Aviation Safety 
The loss earlier this week of another Hornet, an F-18C, is keeping the Navy on pace for is most expensive year for aircraft incidents since fiscal 2009, an Aviation Week analysis of Navy Safety Center record shows.
Osprey Shows Cargo Prowess During Demo 
An operational demonstration aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson helped determine how best to integrate V-22 Ospreys with other carrier-deck movements.
Osprey Flies With Flight-Critical 3D-Printed Parts 
An MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor made its first flight incorporating a flight-critical component built using 3D-printing techniques earlier this month.
U.S. Aircraft Land On Australian Ship During Rimpac 
U.S. helicopters and tiltrotors landed on an Australian amphibious ship during this summer’s Rim of Pacific (Rimpac) exercise off the Hawaiian coast, showing the two navies can marry their aviation and sea operations during sophisticated drills.

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