Mark Carreau

Mark Carreau
Space Contributor,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Mark is based in Houston, where he has written on aerospace for more than 25 years. While at the Houston Chronicle, he was recognized by the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement Foundation in 2006 for his professional contributions to the public understanding of America's space program through news reporting. He has written on U. S. space policy as well as NASA's human and space science initiatives.
Mark was recognized by the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors and Headliners Foundation as well as the Chronicle in 2004 for news coverage of the shuttle Columbia tragedy and its aftermath.
He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and holds a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University.

The Planetary Society’s LightSail 2 Nears Launch 
The Planetary Society’s experimental LightSail 2 (LS 2) small satellite is ready for a high-altitude orbital test of a sunlight-propulsion technology for CubeSats.
NASA Stalwarts Kraft, Whitson Endorse Lunar Return 
Two pillars of NASA human spaceflight—Christopher Kraft, Jr., the agency’s first flight director, and retired astronaut Peggy Whitson—have been inducted into the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame.
Lunar Ice Prospects Entice Exploration 
Evidence for significant amounts of water ice in the permanently shaded polar regions of the Moon has become a significant lure for a sustained NASA led-human return.
New Lunar Atlas Focused On South Pole 
Scientists from the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) have compiled a widely accessible topographical map of the Moon’s south pole.
Japan’s Hayabusa 2 Aborts Asteroid Target Marker Drop 
Japan is investigating why its Hayabusa 2 sample return mission autonomously aborted its descent to the surface of the asteroid Ryugu late May 15 U.S. time.
Commercial Visionaries Eager For 2024 Human Lunar Return 
NASA’s scheduled return to the lunar surface by 2024 promises to expand the Earth’s economic sphere, according to a small but diverse panel of experts.
Mars Insight Heat Probe Detective Work Continues 
Experts from the German Aerospace Center and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have not given up on fully deploying the Mars InSight lander’s subsurface thermal probe.
Bridenstine Details Lunar Return 
Administrator Jim Bridenstine says NASA's 2024 lunar landing is likely to include a female and male astronaut who touch down at the Moon’s south pole.
NASA Seeks Additional $1.6B To Speed Human Lunar Return 
Seven weeks after calling for NASA to land astronauts on the Moon in 2024, President Donald Trump announced the price tag for expediting the program: an extra $1.6 billion for fiscal 2020.
Hayabusa 2 Surveys Ryugu For Possible Subsurface Sample Grab 
JAXA's Hayabusa2 spacecraft is set to descend close to the surface of Ryugu, the long-running mission’s sample return destination, this week.
Lawmakers Seek Details On Future NASA Spacesuits 
NASA is assessing what specific activities would be expected of astronauts on the surface of the Moon during the 2024 return called for by the White House before it forges ahead with the development of new lunar spacesuits.
NASA’s Neocam To Watch For Asteroid Strikes  1
Planetary Defense Coordination Office has charted 20,001 near-Earth objects.
Blue Origins’ New Shepard Touches Space For 11th Time 
The 10 min., 10 sec. mission marked the 11th test flight for the Kent, Washington-based launch services company’s New Shepard rocket.
NASA Looks To NEOCam To ID Dangerous Asteroids 
As NASA looks to step up its detection of potentially dangerous Near Earth Objects, it is working on a dedicated deep-space observatory first proposed more than a dozen years ago.
Bridenstine: Planetary Defense Adds To SLS Urgency 
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine suggests his agency’s troubled Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket could play a crucial role in fending off a devastating asteroid strike.
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