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_Mark Carreau

_Mark Carreau
Ochoa, Foale Enter U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame 
Space Shuttle-era astronauts Ellen Ochoa and Mike Foale were inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame on May 19.
Researchers Pinpoint Warning Events For Space Storms 
A multinational team of researchers studying data from NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satellite believe they have identified two major warnings signs that together trigger destructive space weather events.
Future U.S., Russian, Japanese ISS Crew Assigned 
The International Space Station partnership named a half dozen U.S., Russian and Japanese astronauts and cosmonauts to missions aboard the six person orbiting laboratory scheduled to launch in late 2017.
Bezos Hails Successful Reusable Suborbital Rocket Test Flight 
Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital rocket will fly again after achieving an intact powered vertical landing of the launch vehicle and parachute recovery of the unpiloted crew capsule to conclude a test flight.
Astronauts To Test ‘Mixed Reality’ In Underwater Simulation 
Three U.S., European and Japanese astronauts are prepping for a two-week space mission simulation aboard the Aquarius undersea lab on the ocean floor off Florida’s Atlantic Coast that will feature evaluations of tools and procedures for use by future deep space explorers.
NASA Endorses Russian Launch Changes In Wake Of Progress Loss 
The NASA chair of the International Space Station (ISS) Mission Management Team (MMT) has endorsed Russia’s changes to ISS crew and cargo launch schedules in the aftermath of the late April Progress 59 resupply mission loss.
NASA Astronaut Health Study Urges More Flights For Women 
A NASA overview of the health risks associated with long-duration space missions recommends more flight assignments for women to help gather more data on female physiological responses to spaceflight
NASA IG: Fiscal, Political Uncertainties Challenge NASA’s Ambitions 
NASA faces a funding challenge in every quarter, from its ambitious human spaceflight and science initiatives to the upkeep of its far-flung field centers and the security of its information technology systems, according to the NASA inspector general.
Eft-1 Orion Mated To Delta 4 Heavy 
The instrumented Orion capsule assigned to Exploration Flight Test-1 was hoisted atop its Delta 4 Heavy launch vehicle pre-positioned at Space Launch Complex 37 of Cape Canaveral on Nov. 12.
Space Station Avoids Chinese Reconnaissance Satellite Debris 
Flight controllers from three International Space Station (ISS) partner nations coordinated a firing of thrusters on the European Space Agency’s ATV-5 resupply ship early Nov. 12 to avoid a close pass between the orbiting science laboratory and debris associated with a Chinese reconnaissance satellite.
NASA Looks To Faster, Cheaper ISS Access For Researchers
NASA’s International Space Station program plans to greatly compress certification schedules for science and exploration technology hardware in a bid to lower costs for researchers with interest in placing experiments and technology projects aboard the orbiting lab.
Multinational Space Station Trio Lands In Kazakhstan 
Three U.S., European and Russian astronauts descended to a safe landing on the subfreezing steppes of northern Kazakhstan late Nov. 9, after departing the International Space Station to end a 165-day mission marked by the restart of scheduled NASA spacewalks, wide-ranging research activities and resupply missions.
Researchers Seek Partners To Address Astronaut Vision Issues 
The National Space Biomedical Research Institute and Baylor College of Medicine’s Center for Space Medicine have initiated a $100,000 matching grant challenge to advance technologies intended to address vision problems experienced by some astronauts assigned to long-duration missions aboard the International Space Station.

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