Mal Gormley

Mal Gormley
Piloting: Cockpit Comforts  11
The biggest challenge for any business aircraft manufacturer is determining how much space and comfort plus amenities to dedicate to the crew and passengers. For ultra-long-range business jets, these factors are magnified by the amount of time these aircraft spend aloft.
The Hot Seat 
According to business office chair-maker Herman-Miller, a chair should breathe, which is to say its surface materials should provide comfort and allow conduction of heat and dispersion of moisture away from the surface of the sitter's skin. Also, a seat should have a neutral effect on body-surface temperatures, so that thermal comfort is not posture dependent. It does this by allowing the flow of air to the body and water vapor away.
IFE, Communications Becoming Part of the Internet of Airborne Things 
Soon, everything will be connected on the internet. It has become clear that business pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance and operations personnel will increasingly rely on their aircraft's avionics and communications capabilities—usually via satcom—for many other applications.
How To Use The Airplane Charts In BCA's Purchase Planning Handbook 

For an aircraft to be listed in the Purchase Planning Handbook, a production conforming article must have flown by May 1 of this year. The dimensions, weights and performance characteristics of each model listed are representative of the current production aircraft being built or for which a type certificate application has been filed. The basic operating weights we publish should be representative of actual production turboprop and turbofan aircraft because we ask manufacturers to supply us with the average weights of the last 10 commercial aircraft that have been delivered.

2016 Avionics 

In a flat market for new aircraft, the best place for avionics makers is to focus their resources on the aftermarket, and indeed that’s what we’re seeing — witness the panel upgrade competition between Sandel, Garmin, Universal, Avidyne and others. Prices for some avionics, such as transponders and thunderstorm detectors, have tumbled or risen only marginally, while cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) and flight data recorders (FDRs) are up dramatically.

BCA’s 2015 Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity Report 1

The chatter within the inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) industry is increasingly about the “passenger experience” — broadly meaning the gestalt of interaction between the passenger and the flight, from booking, to the terminal experience, to the cabin environment.

BCA’s 2015 Cabin Electronics Equipment Directory

Find descriptions of the inflight entertainment and connectivity products offered by more than 50 cabin electronics manufacturers and service providers.

2015 Avionics 

We seldom see so many exciting new developments in our annual avionics listings. For example, there’s a try-n-buy synthetic vision system, several electronics countermeasure offerings, some promising wearable tech, rebate programs, several new FANS-1 offerings, avionics for meeting FAR Part 135 rotary-wing rules, new flight and cockpit voice recorders, plus a wide variety of new avionics packages available to meet on-coming U.S. and European Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) mandates.

Super Seats 

According to a 2013 study by Airbus, passengers cited lack of sleeping comfort, back ache, and leg ache as the top three factors for discomfort on long haul flights. They also said that seats that are too narrow would have a negative impact on their post flight well-being, impacting them with tiredness and sore muscles. Post flight well-being was of particular concern to business passengers who need to ensure they are able to perform in working environments.

2014 Cabin Electronics
Since B&CA began covering Cabin Electronics some 25 years ago, we haven't seen more promise and possibility in what can be done to keep passengers informed, connected, productive and entertained in flight than now. And there has never been greater demand for more bandwidth for cabin and crew connectivity.
What's Cooking: Galley Possibilities 1
New and traditional thinking plus careful planning can transform a vital element of business aircraft.
Hot Stuff 

Induction ovens provide improved cooking methods that enhance the quality of food preparation and expand the range of “cooked onboard” items such as eggs, toast, premium meats, etc.

2013 Cabin Electronics 

One advantage to flying business aircraft is that your passengers get greater throughput speeds because they're not competing for the limited in-cabin bandwidth available per passenger that can be the case on airliner aircraft. Depending on the flight department's budget, your aircraft can be equipped with the latest and greatest inflight entertainment and communications (IFEC) technology. The air carriers are catching up, however, thanks to new high bandwidth Ku- and Ka-band satcom content transmission services.

Service Animals 

Since guide dogs, alert dogs and other animals often accompany disabled people in their travels, be sure to consider not only where the animal will be stationed once aboard the aircraft, but where the animal will be able to relieve itself before, during and after long flights. Also, define who is responsible for providing escort assistance to an airport service animal relief area and how passengers accompanied by a service animal can obtain assistance for this purpose. And bring a scooper, just in case.

Emergency Procedures 

Transporting disabled passengers carries extra responsibilities and planning. Dealing with an emergency will likely require alternate procedures that should be clearly defined and reviewed before flight by the crew and the passenger (or accompanying assistant, if one is present). In a cabin depressurization, for example, how will the disabled passenger be fitted with an oxygen mask? In the event of a crash that damages the primary exit, how will the passenger be assisted in deplaning? For more on crash survival, see “Get Out! Get Out! (BCA, June 2013, page 26).

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