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Mal Gormley

Mal Gormley
Duke Energy Used Drones To Help Restore Power In Puerto Rico 
In an example of how drones can assist in disaster recovery, Duke Energy sent over 200 volunteer workers to Puerto Rico to assist in restoring power.
How Drones Are Revolutionizing The Workaday World — Including Yours 
We have entered the age of the drones, any aircraft operated without a human pilot aboard.
2019 Avionics Roundup: A Sampling Of New Products And Services 
The Jet Support Services Inc. Business Aviation Index shows global flight activity showed a year-to-date increase of 4.9% in 2018 and 4.7% year-over-year.
Tracking Tires: Critical Elements For Pre- And Post-Flight Inspections  1
An aircraft’s tires are critical safety items for every pre- and post flight inspection. Ignoring or abusing them can cause lots of expensive damage.
Blurred Responsibility For Checking Tire Pressures On Charter Aircraft
The FAA said checking the tires on the Learjet 60 is preventive maintenance, and as such pilots would not be permitted to do it as part of a preflight check.
Aircraft Leather: It Looks And Feels Fabulous  1
Genuine leather remains the preferred product for aircraft seating upholstery, while textiles are usually specified for headliners and sidewalls.
The Grades Of Leather 
Leather grades can seem cryptic at first but basically they differ only by their handling and the chemical procedures applied to the material.
2018 Cabin Electronics: What's New From Satcom Providers 
Satcom providers are offering new high-bandwidth, business aviation-only services as avionics manufacturers ready smaller, faster systems to exploit them.
Download Full 2018 Purchase Planning Handbook (BCA Subscription Required) 
BCA subscribers, log in to download the entire 2018 Purchase Planning Handbook, including airplane comparison tables as well as Avionics Marketplace charts, which are available only in digital format.
2018 Avionics Marketplace: Worldwide Avionics Sales Grew 2.9% In 2017 
With a surging market and operations climbing, the outlook for the avionics business has never been brighter, right? Never mind the Wall Street turbulence—things are looking up for business aviation.
Flightdeck Envy
For someone who began flying when a single Narco Mark 12d navcom with a glideslope was still considered state-of-the-art cockpit technology, this Facebook Piper Cherokee group post made us more than a bit envious.
Security Meltdown 
Russian hackers attempted to penetrate the U.S. civilian aviation industry early in 2017 as part of the broad assault on the nation's sensitive infrastructure, but the attack reportedly had limited impact.
2017 Cabin Electronics: The Basics Still Matter 
The entire information industrial complex is seeing enormous genuine potential in artificial intelligence, big data and machine-learning.
Air-To-Ground Connectivity Activity Continues Unabated 
Action on the air-to-ground connectivity front continues unabated.
Download Complete 2017 BCA Purchase Planning Handbook
Download the entire 2017 Purchase Planning Handbook, including airplane comparison tables and Avionics Marketplace charts, the latter of which are only available digitally.

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