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Lee Ann
Chief Editor, MRO,
Aviation Week & Space Technology

As chief editor MRO, Lee Ann Shay directs Aviation Week's coverage of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), including Inside MRO.

She won the World Leadership Forum’s Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in 2009 (propulsion category) and in 2002 (maintenance category), and has been a finalist in other years. In 2017, Lee Ann won the Aerospace Media Awards' Best Future Tech submission. 

She holds a B.A. in English and political science from Luther College and an M.A. in nonfiction writing from Johns Hopkins University.

American Airlines Adjusts Pre-Peak Schedule for Tech Ops 
American Airlines has invested more than $25 billion in its fleet, operation and staff over the last five years and has completed the bulk of integrating U.S. Airways into its operation.
Rolls-Royce, Qatar Airways Debut VR MRO Training 
Rolls-Royce and Qatar Airways have introduced virtual reality (VR) training in what the engine manufacturer expects to be the beginning of widespread adoption of the technology.
Spirit Airlines Seeks Fleet Expansion, Interior Upgrades 
Spirit Airlines plans to make a couple noticeable changes to its fleet in the near future; for starters, it plans to continue growing its fleet.
If You’re Not Using Big Data Results, Are You Behind? 
More airlines providers are seeing promising results from predictive big data analytics, using the results to head off component failures and avoid delays.
A Tip To Make Technology Integration Successful In MRO 
In rolling out new technologies, a key element to success is not just telling your colleagues how to use it but showing how it fits in the overall ecosystem.
Delta TechOps Targets $1 Billion Annual Revenue 
Delta TechOps investing in advanced MRO technology to expand its revenue base.
Malaysia’s Big Players Target New MRO Opportunities 
Malaysia’s government has growth plans for the MRO sector, and so do companies such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and Sepang Aerospace Engineering.
USAF, Delta TechOps, Georgia Tech Partner on C-5 MRO 
The U.S. Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office hopes to gain airline maintenance best practices to reduce sustainment costs and improve readiness of its C-5 Galaxy fleet.
People Should Worry About Shortfalls In MRO System 
People fear new technologies will encroach on the way they do their jobs, which can be disconcerting.
Delta TechOps Opens New Test Cell, Ready For Future Engines 
Delta TechOps opened a $100 million test cell Feb. 21 capable of running an engine at 150,000 lb. thrust at its Atlanta facilities, which not only makes it the largest test cell in the world, according to the airline MRO, but also sets it up for the next 50-100 years because it will be capable of testing engines not even designed.
Boeing: Middle East Fleet Will Generate $745 Billion Services Market 
Boeing projects the Middle East will require 63,000 new technicians and 2,990 new aircraft over the next two decades to support the region’s growth.
American Airlines’ New Maintenance Hangar Opens At Chicago O’Hare 
American Airlines is expanding its operation at Chicago O’Hare International (ORD)—from gates and a dozen new destinations to maintenance operations.
2019 Starts With Ups and Downs For MRO 
Monarch Aircraft Engineering sold its line maintenance business and is closing, while Eagle Services Asia announced induction of its first geared turbofan as part of a big ramp-up.
Avianca Seeks Expansion In Columbia Through Star Alliance 
Interview with Miguel Montoya, senior vice president of engineering and maintenance at Avianca.
Fast 5: Norm Baker on How Airbus is Transforming Its Digital Operation
Airbus' senior vice president of digital solutions talks about how he quickly led Airbus’ digital solutions from developing products to developing capabilities—and its impact.
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