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Loren Thompson

Loren Thompson
Opinion: Why Boeing’s C Series Concerns Are Justified  368
Boeing did what it had to do to protect its workers, retirees, shareholders and its future, argues aerospace analyst Loren Thompson.
Opinion: The Boeing-Lockheed Team Is The Most Qualified 40
Boeing and Lockheed Martin together have been lead integrators for 95% of the Air Force’s bomber and strike aircraft.
Opinion: F-35 Is Not Too Pricey, Performance Is Better 

Over the last several years, the tri-service F-35 fighter program has gradually retired risks and reduced costs, in the process acquiring broader political support. More than 50% of the program's flight-testing schedule has been completed, and no major problems have been identified. The fighter's F135 engine has seen similar progress. With 11 allies committed to buying the airplane, the program looks unstoppable.

Opinion: F-35 Is Not Too Pricey, Performance Is Better 4
F/A-18E and F-35C have nearly identical unit production costs

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