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Now that a competitor's patent has expired, Insight Avionics is again marketing its Strike Finder thunderstorm detection systems in the United States. The system uses broad-band digital sampling to display electrical activity caused by thunderstorm activity. Zoom control provides weather depiction for 200-, 100-, 50- and 25-mile radii. A ``time travel'' button generates a time-lapse weather depiction for trend identification. When slaved to HSI compass systems, the Strike Finder maintains a heading-up relative display. Price: $4,995. Insight Avionics, P.O.


The ``Large Executive Flight Case'' from Sporty's Pilot Shop is fashioned from a single piece of Grade A saddle leather, meaning no seams at the bottom to pull loose. Hand-sewn and lock-stitched with waxed thread, the case has a brass combination lock, rounded corners and a collapsible handle. Other features include two inside pockets and six brass ``feet'' on the case bottom to protect the product from scuffing. Each case, in a choice of brown or black, comes with a brass nameplate suitable for engraving a name, home base or N-number. Price: $315.


Commuter Air Technology now makes the CATPASS Exhaust System for the King Air 200/B200. The new exhausts are built from coated stainless steel that is claimed to greatly reduce the sooting associated with OEM stacks, and virtually eliminate cracking. Other declared benefits are increased speed (7.5 knots average), improved fuel efficiency (two to five percent) and lower maintenance and overhaul costs. However, at equal horsepower, the CAT exhausts back-pressure the engine, which may cause a required increase in ITT.


303 Protectant, from 303 Products Incorporated, is formulated for use on deicing boots, pressure door seals and aircraft interiors. The protectant is said to provide ultraviolet screening, ozone protection, enhanced ice-shedding properties and shine. It acts as a restorative for instrument panels, vinyl, plastic or leather, and as a conditioner for door seals to prevent drying and cracking. Non-toxic and biodegradable, 303 Protectant contains no silicones or petroleum-based chemicals. Price: About $12 per quart. Free sample kit is available. 303 Products, Inc., P.O.


ACR Electronics' new Forever Light is designed as an emergency flashlight. Activated by pouring almost any water-based solution, such as salt water, into the case of the unit, the product has an operating life of five continuous hours or 12 hours of intermittent use. According to the manufacturer, the unused flashlight will last for more than 25 years of dry storage without losing battery power. The product measures 7.13 inches long by 2.25 inches in diameter and weighs 4.6 ounces. Price: $16.95. ACR Electronics, 5757 Ravenswood Rd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312.


SafeSolv 747 from Aero Cosmetics is the company's latest answer to removing messy and sticky residue from painted surfaces, bare metal, carpets and seats. The company says the ``environmentally safe, biodegradable product'' is formulated from the oils of orange peels to remove tar, hydraulic fluid, adhesives, gum and wax. Available in a 16-ounce spray bottle ($7.95) or by the gallon ($34.95). Aero Cosmetics, P.O. Box 460025, San Antonio, TX 78246. (210) 344-7921.


The Water Detection Probe from Stead Aviation is designed for installation in aircraft re-fuelers. If the unit senses water, it stops the flow of contaminated fuel to the aircraft. Should an electrical or power failure occur, the probe would disable the pumping system. The probe mounts to the filter vessel with a three-quarter-inch tapered pipe thread and extends roughly 3.5 inches below the sump inspection plate after installation. Price: $980 each, for under 100 units; approximately $880 each for 100 units or more.

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