_Leithen Francis

_Leithen Francis
Reputation A Priority For GE-Avic Company Aviage 

ZHUHAI, China—Establishing a reputation in the global aerospace sector is an early task for Aviage, a joint avionics company of Avic and General Electric aimed at developing its initial project, systems for the Comac C919, into higher standards for later programs.

A key step in achieving the reputation will be good performance on the 158-seat C919, the development program for which prompted creation of the Shanghai-based company.

Faster A350 Rate Would Feed Chinese Demand–Airbus 

Chinese demand is a factor behind Airbus’s keenness to build the A350 faster than the 2018 target of 10 aircraft per month. 

“We don’t have many early delivery slots to offer customers in China,” and none before 2020, Eric Chen, president of Airbus China, said. Chen added that more A350s would have been sold to Chinese airlines had additonal slots become available. 

Faster A350 Rate Would Feed Chinese Demand
Chinese demand is a factor behind Airbus’s keenness to build the A350 faster than the rate of 10 a month planned for 2018.
Exit Interview: Indonesia’s Defense Minister 
Indonesian defense budget to allow continued spree
Indonesia Seen Continuing Strong Military Aircraft Investments 

JAKARTA—The Indonesian military has been on a buying spree likely to hold steady for the next decade, according to its outgoing defense minister.

Purnomo Yusgiantoro became defense minister in 2009 and is the longest-serving cabinet minister in the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. But his term is about to end. Indonesia held its presidential elections on July 9; the new government will take office in the coming months and Purnomo will retire in late October.

Indonesian Defense Minister: MH370 Never Flew Over Indonesian Air Space 
Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was never detected on Indonesian radar because the aircraft never flew over Indonesian air space, says Indonesia Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro.
U.S. Continues Ban On Sales Of Lethal Weapons To Vietnam 
"If we can [reach an agreement on the sale of U.S. weapons to Vietnam] it will be good for building mutual trust," Vietnam’s deputy defense minister, Senior Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh, told Aviation Week
Australia Seeks F-35 Sustainment Information 
With 19 million lines of computer code, Australia is wondering how it can make repairs without compromising the platform or having to transport the aircraft back to the U.S.
Australia, New Zealand Seek Long-Range Surveillance Aircraft 
"We could have really used some Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Tritons," says Australia’s defense minister, David Johnston, referring to the developmental U.S. Navy UAV that Australia plans to order.
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