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Larry Dickerson

Larry Dickerson
Value Of Scud-Destroying Air Defense Missiles Increases  4
The worldwide missile market is on an upward trajectory through 2021, led by air defense weaponry.
UAS Development For Military Uses Continues In 2017 
In 2017, expect military UAS testing and deployment efforts in countries beyond the U.S. and Israel.
Military UAS Makers Eye Commercial Markets As Civil Roles Widen  1
Growing size and diversity of the commercial drone market begins to attract established unmanned-aircraft manufacturers, while military market grows ever more international.
Missile Makers Fielding New Or Upgraded Weapons  2
Pursuit of international sales pits U.S. missile manufacturers against their European rivals, but it is not always a two-way fight—or a definite victory.
Military UAVs Mark Time As Civil Market Advances  1
Military customers focus on upgrades in the absence of clarity and funding for new programs, while the civil market races ahead in technology and numbers, but remains relatively small in value.
Arming New Platforms Will Push Up Value Of Missiles Market 2
Despite budget crunch, the U.S. is eyeing a redesigned kill vehicle and Pacific radar for homeland missile defense.
China Poised To Become Biggest Buyer Of Unmanned Aircraft 
UAS needs are shifting, and it seems like Asia is picking up the slack; agricultural and industry needs are likely to drive civil growth in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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