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Kevin Michaels

Kevin Michaels
Principal, AeroDynamic Advisory

Contributing columnist Kevin Michaels is managing director of AeroDynamic Advisory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Opinion: How Bombardier Pulled Off a Long-Shot Transformation 7
In a short period of time, Bombardier has undertaken four bold moves to radically transform its aerospace business.
Opinion: Is International Regulatory Collaboration At Risk? 
The rise of populism and nationalist foreign policies and the Boeing 737 MAX recertification are threats to what has been a stable cooperative environment.
Customer Support: The Jetliner Industry’s Biggest Challenge 
Mitsubishi’s purchase of Bombardier’s regional jet business gives it an existing support network. Superjet experience is a cautionary tale.
Opinion: Aerostructures At The Crossroads  2
The supply chain is under significant pressure, despite the robust outlook for jetliner production.
Opinion: #Transparency Is Boeing’s Achilles' Heel  21
The airframe giant’s anemic social media response to MAX crisis leaves it facing the “wrath of global public opinion.”
Opinion: The 737 MAX Fallout’s Implications For Suppliers  20
While aerospace stakeholders hope for an optimistic outcome, they must also plan for the possibility of pessimistic scenarios.
Podcast: Putting Odds on Boeing's NMA 1
Why did Rolls-Royce say “no thank you” to Boeing’s NMA? How might Airbus respond? Listen in as we discuss the risks of launching a new mid-market airliner.
Opinion: Why The Supply Chain’s Achilles’ Heel Is 5,000 Years Old  7
The investment casting process is pivotal to aeroengine manufacturing, which is why it may soon become a vulnerability.
Opinion: MROs Beware Of A Retirement Tsunami On The Horizon 
The aviation aftermarket should be on the lookout for a big wave of aircraft retirements—prepare now.
Opinion: Why Mexico Could Be The Winner Of The U.S.-China Trade Battle  2
Relatively stable labor rates, intellectual property protection, manufacturing expertise and growing maintenance services could attract more U.S. aerospace work to Mexico.
Opinion: Why Customer Service Is An Aerospace Pain Point 
Aerospace OEMs need to look beyond shareholders.
Opinion: Just How Big Is The Global Aerospace Industry?  2
The top 10 countries account for 87% of world aerospace output, but will face a challenge by China as it tries to assert aerospace dominance.
Opinion: Global Aerospace Industry May Be at Record High
The world aerospace industry produced direct revenues of US$838 billion in 2017. This is the top line number from Aerodynamic Advisory and Teal Group’s joint research project.
Opinion: Why Is Boeing Diving Into APU Production?  6
The OEM's latest vertical integration move is a bit of a head-scratcher.
Opinion: Threats Loom For Aerospace Raw Material Supplies  1
Booming demand, tariffs and geopolitics jeopardize aluminum and titanium supply for aerospace manufacturing.

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