Kevin Michaels

Kevin Michaels

Contributing columnist Kevin Michaels is Global Managing Director -- Aviation Consulting and Services for ICF International. He is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Opinion: How Improving U.S. Competitiveness Is Shaping MRO Investment Decisions 
Recent analysis indicates North America led other regions for major MRO investments in 2012-13, and the momentum appears to be accelerating.
Opinion: Bold Moves Reposition The Once-Staid Alcoa
The last nine months were earth-shattering for Alcoa.
Opinion: How Bombardier Can Bounce Back 12
Bombardier’s cancellation of the Lear 85 is symptomatic of two much larger issues that the company must confront in the near future.
Opinion: ICF Sees A380neo Launch Likely In 2015  20
Canceling the A380 program after just a decade of production would be a political catastrophe not only for Airbus, but also for Europe.
Opinion: Rolls-Royce Should Revisit Its Corporate Strategy  1
Until recently, the future appeared bright for aeroengine titan Rolls-Royce.
Opinion: Government, University Commitments Keys To Aerospace Engineering  2
Last month, Michigan celebrated the centennial of aeronautical engineering in the U.S.
Opinion: Surplus Parts Provide New Savings Avenue For Airlines 
The surplus parts market comes of age
Airlines Forced To Revisit Their Freight Strategies 
How an industry went from growth leader to laggard
Opinion: Comac Tie-Up With Bombardier A Win-Win 1
Customer support will be crucial to the C919’s success
Opinion: China's Bumpy Road To Growth
Why China’s business aviation market is bound to disappoint
Aeroengines’ New Golden Age
How four aeroengine companies are pacing industry innovation
New Horizons For Aerospace Suppliers
Why OEMs are flocking to the U.S., Mexico and Singapore
Opinion: How Cheaper Oil Could Help, Hurt Aviation
What lower fuel costs would mean for aviation
OEMs Increase Production, Squeeze Suppliers
How Airbus and Boeing are boosting profit margins
High Hopes Dashed For Air Travel Growth 
Aviation stakeholders should contemplate a slower-growth future--including lower maintenance expenditures.
Special Topics
May 28, 2015

Videos: F-35B Operational Test Trials 14

Aviation Week's Senior Pentagon Editor witnessed aviation history aboard USS Wasp for the first-ever F-35B Operational Test (OT-1) trials off the coast of North Carolina. Watch her videos....More
May 22, 2015

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Descends Toward Asteroid Ceres for Closer Look at Bright Spots

Images gathered May 16 with cameras from an altitude of 4,500 miles have again prompted speculation the spacecraft has spotted ice deposits on the 600 mile wide minor planet....More
May 18, 2015

Fire In the Cabin 2

While installing a fireplace in a cabin clearly would be a bad idea, Lufthansa Technik develops a technology that uses illuminated water mist with an image of burning wood to create a fireplace for VIP aircraft....More
May 15, 2015

Cardington: Britain’s Airship Heritage 2

Construction of Cardington’s Number 1 shed, currently housing the HAV project, began in 1916 when Construction of Cardington’s No. 1 shed, currently housing the HAV project, began in 1916 when Short Brothers was awarded an Admiralty contract for the development of dirigible airships....More
May 11, 2015

NavWeek: China Coastal Catch 8

China last year accelerated its plans to “reclaim” areas like the Spratly Islands, and the Asian giant is banking on its coast guard to protect its disputed maritime stakes in the region, according to the Pentagon....More

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