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Kelsey Atherton

Anti-Drone Market Has Swarm-Sized Hole 
A growing number of systems is available to counter small unmanned aircraft, but few if any are designed to repel an attack by a swarm of drones.
Counterdrone Market Maturing As Customers Make Decisions 
Portable jamming devices and fixed-site systems that avoid jamming to prevent collateral interference with radio signals are among counterdrone products of interest to early buyers.
Embracing Uncertainty Lets Drones Fly Unknown Routes Fast 
A navigation system developed by MIT models a drone’s situational uncertainty to help it fly fast in dense, cluttered environments.
Kittyhawk Builds the Drone Infrastructure of the Future  1
Kittyhawk’s drone-management app allows users—from individuals to corporations—to streamline the use of drones, and their operators, for business purposes.
Screen capture shows Frontier Airlines jet passing under suspected drone.
Industry Condemns Drone-Airliner Close Encounter Above Las Vegas 
News of the incident emerged after an undated video taken from the drone involved was posted Feb. 1 on YouTube.
Lockheed Test-Fires Improved Low-Cost Interceptor 
Narrowing the cost disparity between missiles and their targets is essential if the threat to ground forces from inexpensive drones and rockets is to be countered.
Fly/Drive Drone Maps Air Beneath Earth's Surface 
Sweden’s Inkonova has built a drone designed to fly in places humans cannot get to—today it’s caves, tomorrow it could be asteroids.
At CES, Air Taxis Stake A Claim On The Skies Of Tomorrow  1
Urban air mobility generated headlines with air taxi debuts and demonstrations at the largest U.S. consumer electronics show.
Drone Makers Strive For Originality At CES Show 
What does it take in 2018 to make a quadcopter stand out as an aircraft worth writing about?
Drone Makers Display Originality At CES Show 
What does it take in 2018 to make a quadcopter stand out as an aircraft worth writing about?
Peregrine Falcons Inspire Counterdrone Thinking 
Studies show missile guidance law closely mimics how peregrine falcons track and catch their prey in flight.
Bell Debuts Urban Air Taxi Cabin Concept 
In collaboration with ride-hailing giant Uber, Bell Helicopter is developing an air taxi.
Bell Unveils Air Taxi Approach With Cabin Demo 
Visitors to Bell Helicopter’s booth at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas will get a taste of flying in an air taxi.
Bird-Scaring 'Robird' Drone Tested At Canadian Airport  22
Flight trials in Edmonton, Alberta, focus on safely integrating drones used for bird scaring and land surveying into routine airport operations.
Falcon Attacks Can Teach Drones To Counter Drones 
Birds are the unquestioned masters of the air and, when it comes to trying to take down small UAVs, researchers are turning to nature for insight.
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